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Choose your own summer


This summer…

Things in life we just don’t get to choose: our family, the weather, how old we are. Things in life we do get to choose: the way we spend our free time this summer.

As we turn 10 this summer, we want you to choose. Would you like a playful path, a relaxed ramble or a deep dive into our collection?

Pick up a trail when you get to Wellcome Collection and follow our Play, Push or Relax routes through the building. Find your new favourite object and share your ideas to inspire other visitors.

Whatever route you take, it will be all yours!

You choose to… Play

This trail will explore the interactive and light-hearted parts of being human.

  • Get competitive with 19th century board games
  • See inside a transparent woman
  • Gif yourself a break in our interactive photobooth
  • Spot Sir Henry Wellcome’s face where you least expect him!
  • Grow your neuron with our Axon game
  • What does the Forehead Reader say about you?
  • Marvel at the 1950s drawing by Picasso, on the plaster wall he drew it on
  • Seek out the musical instruments crafted from wood and seeds
  • And much more…

You choose to… Push

This is the most intense trail to learn more, challenge yourself, and question what it means to be human.

  • Lock horns with deer antlers chosen by Chris Packham
  • Get wrapped up with a Peruvian mummy
  • Discover pioneers in the archive
  • Window shop for a contraceptive dress
  • Beg for Acts of Mercy
  • Slice and dice on a digital autopsy table
  • Remember what’s important in life with a Momento Mori
  • Rediscover your body with I Can’t Help The Way I Feel
  • And much more…

You choose to… Relax

This is the perfect trail to help you unwind and meditate on health and humanity!

  • Smooth out your knowledge about massage tools
  • Find your way with a feng shui compass
  • Listen to the dawn chorus
  • Disconnect and connect with soothing jigsaw puzzles
  • Feel at home with the Memory Jar
  • Recline on a Freudian couch and share how you feel
  • Swallow your fears with pills carved to act like amulets
  • And much more…