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Sharing Nature

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What do you think best represents modern nature?

Help us create a different kind of museum of nature: one which celebrates our everyday relationship with the world around us.

Our Sharing Nature project is part of our current exhibition ‘A museum of modern nature’. All the objects in the exhibition have been donated by the public. But since we want everyone to have a say about what we collect and display, we're also looking for online submissions.

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The current theme is PLASTIC.

Is nature PLASTIC? Is plastic a destructive force in nature, or can it be a natural product itself? Where do you find plasticity in the outdoors? How does nature change and adapt?

Share your photos of PLASTIC on social media using #SharingNature17 or submit below.  

Themes and timings

The themes below provide a focus on different aspects of nature today. We hope you'll submit a photo for each one and explore the range of fascinating offerings people share! 

  • WILD 30 May-11 Jun
  • EMOTION 12 Jun-25 Jun
  • RELATIONSHIPS 26 Jun-9 Jul 
  • DEAD 10 Jul-23 Jul
  • GREEN 24 Jul-6 Aug
  • ALONE 7 Aug-20 Aug
  • PLASTIC 21 Aug-3 Sep
  • HEALTH 4 Sep-17 Sep
  • CONSUME 18 Sep-1 Oct

How does it work?

All submissions will appear on our website. You can browse the other offerings and answer quick questions to help us identify which ones resonate most with you. The ones that get the strongest response will appear on our digital display in the exhibition itself and the single most resonant submission for each theme will be explored in more depth on our website.

At the end, we'll have one representative submission for each of the themes, which together will shed light on our relationship with nature today. How far will yours get?

Terms & conditions

Part of A museum of modern nature

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Upload your photo on our website to add it to our interactive gallery. Don't forget to add the story too!

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Browse and interact with the latest submissions to let us know which ones resonante more with you.