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Sexology Season

What do you know about sex and how do you know it? How does research into sexual health affect our behaviour and our attitudes to sex?

An eclectic national season will link events taking place inside and outside of Wellcome Collection’s London exhibition. The Sexology Season includes three programmes in Manchester, Brighton and Glasgow incorporating live performance, films, salons, archives, talks and literature events.

Sexuality, gender, sex and ageing, porn addiction, eroticism, female pleasure, masculinity, and sexual health are just some of the themes to be explored and discussed. We’ve asked artists, writers, film makers, academics, health professionals, sex workers, over-65s, teenagers and people with cancer to explore and question with us.

Young people’s imaginative responses to recent sexology research will be explored through song-writing projects in Manchester, Brighton and Glasgow, plus London and Havant.

Three artists will be presenting work both in London and across the UK. Venues in each location will all host ‘What Tammy Needs to Know About Getting Old and Having Sex’, a musical revue driven by audience participation and personal testimonials that explores views on sex and ageing. Tammy WhyNot is the alter ego of the performer and academic Lois Weaver. Tammy will be conducting workshops with local older people prior to each show.

Performer and Wellcome Trust Public Engagement Fellow Brian Lobel’s ‘Cruising for Art’ event opens ‘The Institute of Sexology’ event programme. His new show, ‘Sex, Cancer & Cocktails: An intimate, in-home conversation about doing it during treatment’, will feature as part of the Sexology Season in Brighton and Manchester. Christopher Green will present his new production, ‘Prurience’, an experiential piece of theatre about addiction to pornography, in Brighton and Manchester.

We’ve also commissioned ‘Sex by Numbers’, an informed and entertaining look at our attitudes and behaviour, from one-night stands to transsexuality, by David Spiegelhalter, due to be published spring 2015. Based on statistics gathered from multiple studies, it unravels the web of exaggerations, misdirections and downright lies that surround sex in modern society. Through a ‘Sex by Numbers’ interactive infographic, you will also be able to playfully explore the stats about sex and what it means for you.

See below for more information about the Sexology Season programmes. This content will be regularly updated as the programmes evolve.

Part of The Institute of Sexology

An evening of film, poetry and conversation exploring familiar and hidden sites of sexual encounters in Glasgow.

Sex in the afternoon is a live literature tour and four short digital films commissioned as part of the Sexology Season.

Find out more about Sexology Season events taking place in Glasgow.


Sex by Numbers is an informed, entertaining and eye-opening look at the most enduring of human obsessions.

Sex by numbers


Look through the window into the world of sex and explore Natsal’s fascinating sex stats.

Find out more about Sexology Season events taking place in Manchester.

Find out more about Sexology Season events taking place in Brighton.