Explaining men

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Photograph of a man dressed in black trousers and t-shirt, sitting on the pavement against a concrete wall containing large glass windows.
Andrew McMillan. © Urszula Sotlys.

What is a man? How should he look? How should he talk and behave? Many of the mental-health problems which men face come from a struggle to embody some kind of archetypal masculine ideal, often presented through various media. Poet Andrew McMillan presents a series of essays which examine the gap between the masculine ideal and the real person. Surprising, troubling, and uplifting, these wide-ranging stories explore issues from body image and trans identity, to fatherhood and race.

About the editor

Photograph of Andrew McMillan

Andrew McMillan


Andrew McMillan was born in South Yorkshire in 1988. His two collections of poetry are the multi-award winning ‘physical’ and, most recently, ‘playtime’, both published by Jonathan Cape. He is a senior lecturer in creative writing in the Writing School at Manchester Met and is the guest editor of the ‘Explaining Men’ story series.