Skin Bleaching

Skin bleaching is a global practice and lucrative industry that continues to influence our perception of beauty today. Speaking to doctors, trading authorities, historians as well as the people who bleach their skin in secret, Ngunan Adamu examines its harmful effects on the mental and physical health of many men and women. She also considers whether skin lightening can ever be safe, as well as the reasons behind its stigma.

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Photograph of a woman's hand against her chin, taken with a very shallow depth of field such that most of the image is out of focus. You can only see the woman's mouth and nose. She is wearing a yellow shawl.
Rukia. © Amaal Said.

About the author

Photograph of Ngunan Adamu

Ngunan Adamu

Ngunan Adamu is a radio presenter and producer for BBC Radio Merseyside, CEO and founder of iWoman Academy/Media, and an international multimedia trainer for the BBC.