The Disabled lockdown experience

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Our Covid complicity. © Carrie Ravenscroft for Wellcome Collection.

Francesca Martinez invites four Disabled writers and the mother of a Disabled teenager to share their powerfully personal experiences of lockdown. These compelling and fascinating stories highlight the precarious situation faced by those with complex health issues, and the many challenges involved with keeping safe during a global pandemic. During the first wave, shockingly, Disabled people made up nearly two thirds of UK Covid-19 deaths.

About the contributors

Black and white, head and shoulders portrait of Francesca Martinez.

Francesca Martinez


Francesca Martinez is a wobbly performer, writer and campaigner whose work is known for challenging preconceptions, questioning norms and passionately celebrating human diversity. Her first play, "All Of Us" explores the impacts of austerity and opens at the National Theatre's Dorfman space next year.

Black and white, head and shoulders portrait of Carrie Ravenscroft.

Carrie Ravenscroft


Carrie is a Queer, Neurodivergent and emotionally driven illustrator with a personal awareness of the social impacts of disability and mental illness. Her work addresses discrimination, stigmatisation and ignorance. Carrie is currently an inclusion playworker with Disabled children, and volunteers at Mind Outcome, facilitating online art sessions. She’s an advocate of psychological awareness and reflection, and expresses a strong love for the therapeutic powers of art as she pursues a career in art therapy.