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  • Daimonomageia. A small treatise of sicknesses and diseases from witchcraft, and supernatural causes. Never before, at least in this comprised order, and general manner, was the like published : being useful to others besides physicians, in that it confutes atheistical, sadducistical, and sceptical principles and imaginations / [Anon].
  • A wizard and his accomplice performing incantations in a forest during a full moon. Etching by S. Palmer and A.H. Palmer.
  • Protection against witchcraft and demons through the name and attributes of Jesus Christ. Woodcuts and letterpress, 159-.
  • A Zulu medicine man dancing in order to detect which one of the women seated around them has bewitched their ruler. Gouache by W.R.S. Stott, 1928.
  • The witch of Endor conjures the ghost of Samuel; Saul bows before him on the right. Etching, 18th century.
  • A traveller being entranced by a witch disguised as a beautiful woman in the Alps. Engraving by T. Stocks after F. Meadows.
  • A man reading a grimoire, grinning; next to him a hooded man, kneeling on the floor, is holding a torch: they are conjuring up demons. Mezzotint after D. Teniers the younger, 1750/1790.
  • Witchcraft: Robert Hunt, with two other men, surmounted by a devil. Woodcut, 1720.
  • Witchcraft: a witch and a devil in a circle. Woodcut, 1720.
  • The hierarchie of the blessed angells. Their names, orders and offices / The fall of Lucifer with his angells. Written by Tho. Heywood.
  • Macbeth consults the three witches; an apparition appears of a bloody child, who calls Macbeth's name three times. Engraving by W. Byrne, 1773, after E. Edwards.
  • A witch placing a scorpion into a pot in order to make a potion. Etching by F. Landerer after M. Schmidt.
  • Saul collapses as the witch of Endor conjures Samuel from the dead. Wood engraving after J. Schnorr von Carolsfeld.
  • Circe sits with books and wand; to right, men transformed into animals. Etching by G.B. Castiglione, 165-.
  • Witchcraft: witches giving babies to the devil. Woodcut, 1720.
  • Two naked witches riding on a broomstick accompanied by an owl. Etching by F. Goya, 1796/1798.
  • A witch holding a plant in one hand and a fan in the other. Woodcut, ca. 1700-1720.
  • A witch. Oil painting.
  • Witchcraft: witches and devils dancing in a circle. Woodcut, 1720.
  • Macbeth and Banquo meet the three witches on a heath; scene from Shakespeare's 'Macbeth'. Painting after J.H. Füssli (Fuseli).
  • A witch at her cauldron surrounded by monsters. Etching by Jan van de Velde II, 1626.
  • A lady seeking knowledge of her lover from a wizard. Process print after Sir E. Burne-Jones.
  • Eleven scenes of witchcraft. Woodcut, 1720.
  • Drs. Hermanus Schaepman and Abraham Kuyper, shown as witches, stoke the fire of a cauldron from which emanate devils; symbolising their struggle to institute suffrage, against prevailing resistance in the Dutch second chamber. Reproduction of a lithograph after Van Geldorp, 1901.
  • Preparation for the witches' sabbath. Engraving by J. Aliamet after D. Teniers the younger, 1755.
  • Saul bows to Samuel after the witch of Endor has conjured him from the dead. Mezzotint, 1795.
  • Four scenes all involving water: trial by water, people using divination rods, and different types of rods. Engraving.
  • Witchcraft: a man on horseback. Woodcut, 1720.
  • Wizards and witches offering a new-born baby to their master. Etching by F. Goya, 1796/1798.
  • A credulous congregation listening to a sermon by a fiery preacher. Engraving by T. Cook, 1798, after W. Hogarth.