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  • Children tending a garden and illustrating a wall with the words 'un compromiso con la vida' within a school in Venezuela to promote AIDS prevention day on 23rd May (1995). Colour lithograph by Angeles, 1995.
  • A couple holding umbrellas with 3 children before them against a floral background; an AIDS prevention advertisement by OPL-Sida. Colour lithograph by Luis J. Querecuto, ca. 1995.
  • Historia natural, civil y geográfica de las naciones situadas en las riveras del Rio Orinoco / Su autor el padre Joseph Gumilla.
  • Two children, one on roller-skates, look up at a red heart above a green tree trunk with a butterfly and a bird; an advertisement for National School AIDS Prevention day on 23rd May by OPL-Sida. Colour lithograph, ca. 1995.
  • Vacunese contra la fiebre amarilla selvatica.
  • Vacunese contra la fiebre amarilla selvatica.
  • A ribbed condom against a black background representing a safe-sex and AIDS prevention advertisement by the Departemento de Enfermedades de Transmision Sexual, Venezuela. Colour lithograph, ca.