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16 results
  • Tattoing needles, bronze mounted in bone
  • Conjectured female costume of early Iron Age.
  • Conjectured female costume of early Bronze Age.
  • Neolithic clay stamps for applying design on the body.
  • Iron Age toilet bronze mirror
  • Set of bottles for holding scent or other preparations
  • Illustration of Bronze razors
  • Iron Age depilatory tweezers.
  • Bone comb, supposedly Neolithic, from Gullrum Swedeh
  • Iron Age toilet instruments including curettes.
  • Pomander with three toilet instruments attached. Silver. Includes toothpick and ear-scoop.
  • Roumanian bodily ornamentation
  • Conjectured male costume during Bronze Age.
  • Bunches of toilet instruments (Iron Age)
  • Toilet Instruments (Iron Age).
  • Toilet Instruments (Iron Age)