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9 results filtered with: Thomas, Aquinas, Saint, 1225?-1274
  • An allegorical figure holding torches seated on a baroque monument; the symbols of the four evangelists above her, and Saint Thomas Aquinas and Galen at her side. Engraving by Jacob Bruynel after A. van Diepenbeeck, 1666.
  • Saint Thomas Aquinas. Oil painting.
  • Churchmen: twenty portraits of religious thinkers. Engraving by J.W. Cook, 1825.
  • Saint Thomas Aquinas; Saint Antony the Great greeting Saint Louis of Toulouse (?); martyrdom of a male saint; martyrdom of Saint Lucy. Woodcuts.
  • Christ with Saint Stephen and Saint Thomas Aquinas. Etching by C. Colombini after R.A. after D. Ghirlandaio (?).
  • Saint Thomas Aquinas holding a monstrance and a quill. Painted plaque.
  • Saint Thomas Aquinas. Stipple engraving.
  • Saint Thomas Aquinas. Line engraving by S. Jesi.
  • Saint Mary (the Blessed Virgin) with the Christ Child, Saint Catherine of Siena, Saint Dominic Guzman, Saint Thomas Aquinas, Saint Oliva, Saint Rose of Lima and Saint Rosalia. Engraving by R. van Audenaerd after C. Maratta.