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  • A woman having a bath and being given a cup of tea. Process print after Charles Shannon, 1907.
  • A priest taking morning tea with a lady in her boudoir: a maidservant stands in the background. Engraving by Remi Parr after N. Lancret.
  • A tea plantation in China: workers roll the caper tea into balls. Coloured lithograph.
  • Nine scenes showing tea cultivation and preparation on an Indian plantation. Engraving by T. Brown, c. 1850, after J. L. Williams.
  • Yes! C.W.S. : obtainable from all co-operative stores.
  • Queen of the Liliputians : height 31 inches, age 26.
  • A patient lies on a chaise-longue, while a nurse brings her some refreshment. Wood engraving by J.C. Griffiths after G.G. Kilburne.
  • J. Rickett & Co., successors to Evans & Stokes : grocers, tea dealers, butter, cheese & hop factors : 64 & 65 Broad Street, Worcester.
  • A happy Christmas : John Clark, tea, grocery & provision dealer, confectioner, bread and biscuit baker, 119, High Street, Dover.
  • Premium ticket / F.H. Bushway Flavoring Extract Co., Incorporated.
  • Clearspring macrobiotic quality wholefoods / Clearspring Ltd.
  • Tea plant (Camellia sinensis): flowering stem with sectioned leaf and many floral segments. Coloured engraving by J. Miller, c. 1771.
  • A tea plantation in China: workers water the young plants. Coloured lithograph.
  • A world of natural nutrition : better living the Bioforce way / Bioforce (UK) Ltd.
  • A man and a woman taking tea in the garden of a refreshment house: she asks whether he takes suger, he replies in sentimental terms. Etching attributed to R. Seymour.
  • Patisserie Valerie : now you can order online www.patisserie-valerie.co.uk / Patisserie Valerie.
  • The interior of a tea-house, Hong Kong. Photograph by John Thomson, 1868/1871.
  • A tea plantation in China: workers pick the tea leaves. Coloured lithograph.
  • Boer War: soldiers in camp at Bloemfontein being provided with tea as they awake. Halftone, c. 1900, after R. Cleaver after C. Ross.
  • A tea plantation in China: workers grade the tea leaves by hand. Coloured lithograph.
  • A tea plantation in China with workers rolling and sifting tea leaves. Gouache painting with oxidization.
  • J. Sainsbury, purveyor of high class provisions, poultry & game.
  • A woman wearing an extraordinarily high wig decorated with beads and lace, discusses her head-dress while taking tea with a man sitting opposite who wears a legal tie wig, gown and bands; on the wall is a framed picture of two monkeys sitting at a table drinking tea. Mezzotint, 1772.
  • A Chinese tea plantation with workers cleaning the racks on which the leaves are laid. Coloured etching, early 19th century.
  • A Chinese tea plantation with workers watering, picking and firing the tea. Lithograph by E. Gilks, c. 1850, after B. Clayton after Piqua.
  • Boer War: hospital cooks preparing food in the open air. Halftone, c.1900.
  • A tea plantation in China: workers load boxes of tea for export onto rafts. Gouache, China, 1800/1850.
  • The interior of a tea-house, Hong Kong. Photograph by John Thomson, 1868/1871.
  • The beneficial effects of temperance on a man and his family. Lithograph, c. 1840, after Gunthorp.
  • A French hospital for wounded soldiers, World War I: patients taking afternoon tea, and a nurse waiting to collect a letter from a slow writer. Colour lithograph after L. Ibels, 1916.