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12 results filtered with: Suicide victims
  • The death of Cleopatra. Etching by or after A. Hirschvogel, 1547.
  • The burial of Atala outside her cave in the mountains. Stipple print with etching by J.P. Simon after J.B. Mallet.
  • Hester Tradescant. Line engraving, 1798.
  • Max Joseph von Pettenkofer. Wood engraving, 18--, after J. Kriehuber.
  • Doctors investigate a fake suicide. Colour process print by Bertin after J-A. Faivre, c. 1900.
  • Samuel Whitbread. Stipple engraving by W. Holl, c. 1815, with letterpress.
  • Alberto Santos-Dumont, aviator, with an airship attached to his head and a propeller strapped to his back. Colour lithograph after Geo. Hum., 1901.
  • Stoicism: above, the suicide of Seneca; middle, Zeno and Chrysippus; below, the suicides of Socrates and Cato. Engraving by W. Hole, ca. 1614.
  • Jean-Marie Roland de la Platière (1734-1793) Lithograph by Henri-Joseph Hesse.
  • Edward Matthew Ward. Photograph by Mayall.
  • Sir Richard Croft. Stipple engraving by W. Holl after Sir G. Hayter, 1801.
  • Clemens Peter Pirquet, Freiherr von Cesenatico: unveiling of his tomb. Photograph, 1930.