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  • Two men walking near a mill; representing March. Etching by G. Perelle, c. 1660.
  • An allegorical woman on clouds, surrounded by gamboling angels above a landscape with rainbow, lovers and a shepherd with young lambs; representing spring. Etching by C.F. Fritsch the younger.
  • Pollen grains, Agapanthus, SEM
  • A young man returning from the hunt; representing the season spring. Engraving after Joachim von Sandrart I, ca. 1700.
  • Bioengineered sweat gland, conceptual artwork
  • Goats being milked outside a farm and dogs setting off on a hunt; representing spring. Etching, 17--, after F.G. Bassano the younger.
  • Months of the year: April. Engraving after P. Stevens.
  • Ceres on a chariot with children representing the months March, April and May, surrounded by forms of natural abundance, corybantes and cherubs, symbolising the element earth. Etching by A. Tempesta, 1592.
  • People outdoors in April near a large ruined castle, riding, driving livestock, and preparing to launder clothes; representing April. Etching by G. Perelle, c. 1660.
  • A hunting scene seen from above; representing spring. Etching by N. Perelle, 17th century.
  • A ruined landscape with a hunting scene in the background; representing spring. Etching by N. Perelle after himself, 17th century.
  • People rowing on a river overlooked by a large tree; representing May. Etching by G. Perelle, c. 1660.
  • Developing pollen grains in a Chrysanthemum flower bud, LM