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  • Solomon judges the case of the two harlots and their babies. Line engraving by J. Eisenhardt, 1847, after E. von Steinle.
  • The Temple of Solomon: aerial view, with flames billowing from the sacrificial altar. Wood engraving.
  • The Temple of Solomon, its grounds and some of its interiors. Engraving.
  • Five tombs containing skeletons of historical exemplars of wisdom, war, beauty, strength and riches; an allegory of change, decay and death. Engraving after A.P. van de Venne, ca. 1655.
  • One of the women whose child has died and whom Solomon will judge. Stipple engraving after N. Poussin.
  • Solomon judges the case of the two harlots. Colour etching by C. Ploos van Amstel, 1782, after L. van Leyden.
  • Those who named the plants: Adam, Solomon, Theophrastus, and Dioscorides. Oil paintings.
  • The bustling courtyard of the temple of Solomon. Etching by J. Danckerts.