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  • Two Greenwich Pensioners sitting in the garden of a tavern, near the Hospital, a woman behind listening to them, another Pensioner in the distance on the right. Mezzotint, 1791.
  • Two boys posing with cigarettes. Photographic postcard by A. Caggiano, 190-.
  • James Ludovic Lindsay, 26th Earl of Crawford. Colour lithograph by L. Ward (Spy), 1878.
  • A woman smoking a pipe and holding a drinking glass. Etching.
  • Two Malay men and a woman sit and recline on the floor smoking opium. Wood-engraving, late 19th century.
  • Five men gather round a table to play cards, drink and smoke in a dingy smoke den. Engraving by J. Goldar after D. Teniers, the younger.
  • Egypt: a street with a man smoking and riding a camel. Chromolithograph after C. F. H. Werner, 1873.
  • Customers drink and smoke in a spirit shop in South Africa. Wood engraving, c. 1877.
  • A man with an extra large head exhales smoke from an enormous cigar. Coloured lithograph, c. 1880, after T. Worth.
  • Men smoking, drinking and singing in a dingy smoke den. Engraving by J. Goldar after E. van Heemskerk.
  • The figure of a man with extra large head made up from cigars, pipes, tobacco leaves, etc. Coloured lithograph by T. Worth?, c. 1880.
  • Two Chinese opium smokers in a booth watched by a woman who fans herself. Wood-engraving, late 19th century.
  • HIV & AIDS : a resource pack for use with 11 to 14 year olds / Wellcome [Foundation].
  • Five men sit smoking round a fireplace, another stands with his back to the fire. Mezzotint after A. van Ostade (?).
  • A Greenwich pensioner, filling a pipe with tobacco, a tankard of ale at his elbow. Engraving by J. Jenkins after M. W. Sharp.
  • Royal Naval Hospital, Greenwich, a distant three-quarter view of the Hall and Chapel, looking east, the Infirmary in the foreground left. Coloured drawing by C. White, 1786.
  • Three Turkish soldiers gathered round a fire in the dark, smoking pipes. Lithograph by T. Allom, ca. 1839.
  • Page 113: Krishna playing his flute to the cows and Radha who is immersed in the river, while an old man smoking a hookah observes. Watercolour drawing.
  • A man sits filling his pipe by the fire, behind a man relieves himself against the wall. Mezzotint by J.J. Haid et filius after D. Teniers, the younger (?).
  • An Englishman and Asian man under an arbor playing chess and both smoking the hooka. Coloured aquatint by T. Rickards, c. 1804, after C. Gold.
  • HIV & AIDS : a resource pack for use with 11 to 14 year olds / Wellcome [Foundation].
  • The interior of a dingy smoke den where groups of men smoke, drink and play cards. Engraving by F. del Pedro, 18th century, after a painting by D. Teniers, the younger.
  • A man seated at a bar table, drinking excessively and smoking a cigarette while complaining about expenditure. Colour lithograph, 196-, by J. Wiktorowski.
  • Sadler's Wells, as it was in 1737, with fashionable water-drinkers. Wood engraving, [post 1840].
  • Smoking: ways to stop. Colour lithograph by L. Kalish, 1971.
  • The story of a man with toothache, his attempts at self help and the final resort visiting the dental surgeon: twenty-four vignettes. Coloured wood engraving by W. Busch, 1862.
  • A Greenwich Pensioner, with a pipe in one hand and a stick in the other, being rolled out of a sheet [hammock?] by a sailor. Wood engraving by J. Jackson.
  • A witch at her cauldron surrounded by monsters. Etching by Jan van de Velde II, 1626.
  • Peasants sitting, smoking, outside an inn as the hostess pours a glass of ale. Engraving by J. Suyderhoff after A. van Ostade.
  • HIV & AIDS : a resource pack for use with 11 to 14 year olds / Wellcome [Foundation].