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  • Misreplication of DNA in human fibroblast nucleus
  • The skin and hair: microscopic views and whorls of fingertips. Engraving by A. Bell after G. Bidloo, 1798.
  • The skin of a Coluber snake. Colour nature print, 1853.
  • Healthy skin : a popular treatise on the skin and hair, their preservation & management / by Erasmus Wilson.
  • Hyperkeratosis of hand
  • Linear sebaceous neavus
  • Hyperkeratosis of the heel. Hyperkeratosis describes a thickening of the outer layer of the skin caused by abnormally increased amounts of the protein keratin which normally functions to protect the skin.
  • The blood vessels of the human skin and their responses / by Thomas Lewis.
  • The skin of an écorché. Ink drawing, Tibet.
  • Cat skin showing hairs, a whisker and their blood supply.
  • Plate 45, Plastic surgery of the nose.
  • The anatomist Felix Platter, seated at a table covered with surgical instruments in a room with two other men, below which are the figures of Hippocrates and Galen. Engraving, 1656.
  • The skin, in microscopic view (figures 1-2), and muscles (figures 3-6). Engraving, 1686.
  • Misreplication of DNA in human fibroblast nucleus