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  • A country scene with many activities depicted: these include, from left to right, picking cherries, bathing, hay-making, hunting, and eating and drinking. Engraving by M. Merian after S. Vrancx.
  • Evening: shepherds, labourers on their way home after a day of work, followed by two women and a child who cross a stream. Etching by J. Wagner after G. Zocchi.
  • A cottage at the junction of two roads: a waggon is driven along one of the roads, while a cowherd drives a cow along the other. Etching by J.C. Klengel, 1773.
  • Rural life: three scenes, including a pedlar, a young farmer's boy with his smock over his arm, and a boy sitting on a gate, talking to a woman. Lithograph, 1848, by M. & N. Hanhart after H. B. Willis.
  • Rural life: seven scenes, including milking, gleaning, and fishing. Lithograph, c.1850, by M. and N. Hanhart after G.E. Hicks.
  • A preacher standing inside a barrel and preaching repentance arouses guilt, alarm and confusion in the minds of his audience. Engraving by T. Sanders after Tim Bobbin (John Collier).
  • Two rural houses next to a stream; a woman and a child in the foreground. Lithograph by W.H. Pyne, 1806.