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  • The presentation of the infant Jesus at the temple. Etching by A. Campanella, 1771, after Fra Bartolommeo.
  • Royal Naval Hospital, Greenwich, the Lord Mayor of London disembarking, greeted by the Governor [?], with rowing boats and barges to the left. Engraving by V. Woodthorpe, 1804, after E. F. Burney.
  • The presentation of Jesus to the priest of the Temple. Coloured lithograph by F.S. Hanfstaengl after P. Caliari, il Veronese.
  • The Temple of Solomon: aerial view, with flames billowing from the sacrificial altar. Wood engraving.
  • Lourdes, Haute Pyrénées, France: the ceremony of immersion. Pencil drawing by R. Cleaver.
  • Christ is circumcised in a crowded church. Engraving by A. Sadeler after J. Speckaert.
  • Followers of Sri Chaitanya in a procession with flags, drums, dancing and singing. Transfer lithograph.
  • A begging Brahman performing a ritual with his wife. Gouache drawing.
  • People crowd around a dying person's bed in grief while final rites are being read. Stipple engraving by N. Schiavonetti, 1812, after R. Westall.
  • Water tank, Srīperumbūdur, India. Coloured aquatint by C. Gold, 1799, after himself.
  • The circumcision of Christ. Etching after G.F.M. Mazzola, il Parmigianino.
  • The last sacrament of Saint Jerome. Drawing by F. Rosaspina, 1830, after Annibale Carracci.
  • Christ is circumcised in a crowded church. Engraving by A. Sadeler after J. Speeckaert.
  • Elkanah and Hannah discuss the weaning of Samuel. Mezzotint by G. Graham, 1815.
  • The circumcision of Christ. Etching by F. Bartolozzi after G.F. Barbieri, il Guercino.
  • The presentation of Jesus to Simeon, or to a priest of the Temple. Engraving with stipple after F. Bonsignori.
  • A dying man in bed being read the last rites. Lithograph by F. Piloty after L. Bramer.
  • Egypt: ceremonies of the cult of Isis. Coloured engraving, ca. 1804-1811.
  • Srirangam, India: water tank in the Temple. Coloured lithograph by T.C. Dibdin after J. Fergusson.
  • A plate decorated with a circumcision scene, a knife for performing the ceremony and the Scroll of Torah. Process print after C.A.
  • Boer War: Queen Victoria being presented with flowers by a Victoria Jubilee Nurse at the Viceregal Lodge, Dublin. Halftone, c. 1900, after W. Hatherell after W. C. Mills.
  • Bacchus on a chariot preceded by a drunken procession of nude men, women and satyrs all carrying grapes. Engraving, 16--, after G. Romano.
  • Joseph and Mary hold the Christ child before his circumcision. Lithograph by Pablo Guglielmi after L. Costa.
  • Sarawak: Sea Dayak men at a head feast. Photograph.
  • The circumcision of Christ in the Temple. Etching by Father K. Felner, 1779, after C. Dietrich.
  • Sarawak: a peace-making ceremony between two Kayan tribes. Photograph.
  • A shaman banging a drum and dancing invoke spirits to cure a sick man. Engraving by S. Davenport.
  • A funeral procession following a coffin, laid out on a bier, into a church. Etching by B. Picart, 1724.
  • Simeon bows to the infant Jesus Christ. Engraving by A. Mochetti after N. Poussin (?).
  • A priest administering the sacrament of extreme unction to a dying woman. Wood engraving by N. Knilling.