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  • Romeo giving money to an apothecary for a poison that will enable him to kill himself. Mezzotint, 17--.
  • The interior of a chemical laboratory with six people working in it (above), a table of symbols (below). Coloured line engraving after L.-J. Goussier.
  • An apothecary using a pestle and mortar to make up a prescription. Coloured etching.
  • A man who has swallowed petroleum asks a pharmacist for a remedy; the pharmacist shows hims several bottles and lets him chose the one he prefers, with fatal results. Line block.
  • Personifications of medicine, pharmacy and surgery. Oil painting after (?) Nicolas de Larmessin.
  • Ekins pharmacy, Melbourne, Victoria: the shop seen from the street, with the pharmacist and his family standing outside. Photograph by E.C. Waddington, ca. 1883/1884.
  • A young male apothecary serving two young women in his shop. Coloured lithograph by C. Philipon, ca. 1830.
  • A market selling drugs and materia medica. Etching by J. Phillips, 18--.
  • Personifications of medicine, pharmacy and surgery. Oil painting after (?) Nicolas de Larmessin.
  • A man composed of pharmaceutical equipment wandering the countryside; representing an apothecary as if he were an itinerant. Coloured lithograph.
  • A fashionable young lady asking a pharmacist about the durability of the cosmetics he sells. Coloured pencil drawing by L. Wood, 1909.
  • The bath house and cold baths of Bungay, Suffolk with a description of the baths. Line engraving.
  • The mystery and art of the apothecary / by C.J.S. Thompson.
  • An apothecary composed of the attributes of the trade. Line engraving.
  • Five senior French army officers in military dress: two administrators, the chief surgeon, a pharmacist and a physician, ca. 1804. Coloured lithograph by G. David, ca. 1858, after A. de Marbot.
  • Oversize ephemera : Medical songs 2.
  • Specification of John Savory : apparatus for inhaling medicinal powders or vapours.
  • The gentlemen, farmers, jockies, stage-coachmen and carriers universal medicine in the true cordial horse balls and preparation of antimony, adapted for the use and benefit of all, as well the race as cart horse : the cordial balls ... / Samuel Gibson.
  • Old Parr, an elderly apothecary with an extremely long beard mixing a concoction with a pestle and mortar. Pen drawing by Matthews(?), 1861(?).
  • The first century of the Philadelphia college of pharmacy, 1821-1921 / published by the Philadelphia college of pharmacy and science ; Joseph W. England, editor.
  • An pharmacist's apprentice mixing up a prescription. Coloured wood engraving by Stypułkowski after J.J. Grandville.
  • Nonsense talked by a cobbler compared to the talk of a parson and a surgeon-apothecary. Coloured etching attributed to C. Williams, ca. 1812.
  • The shop of a tooth-drawer, barber, apothecary and blood-letter called "Dickey Gossip", with a song about him. Process print, 1931, after an etching, 1795.
  • An apothecary making up a prescription using scales, his wife holds a recipe for him and two assistants are working with the bellows and pestle and mortar. Line engraving by F. Baretta after P. Mainoto.
  • A fashionably dressed apothecary's wife. Coloured etching by M. Darly, 1774.
  • An apothecary in his shop, with three customers. Woodcut.
  • An apothecary with instruments of his profession seated in an arched window. Lithograph by M. Vernaut after G. Metsu.
  • Oversize ephemera : Medical songs 2.
  • A child serving behind the counter of a chemists and offering advice to a female customer. Wood engraving.
  • Oversize ephemera : Medical songs 2.