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  • A man wearing a wig and a cravat, holding the bagpipes and looking towards a woman on his right. Engraving by R. Gaillard, 1743, after S. Leclerc.
  • A woman is holding her dying lover; a sword lying at his feet. Aquatint by F. Goya, 1812/1888.
  • A woman sitting in a chair playing the hurdy-gurdy and looking towards a man on her left. Engraving by R. Gaillard, 1743, after S. Leclerc.
  • A young lover has been mistaken for a burglar and got shot with pellets. Lithograph.
  • A young man (Colas) attaches his bouquet to the spindle used by Rose, as Rose reveals herself from her hiding place. Engraving by J.B.B.Simonet after P.A. Baudouin.
  • While her mother sleeps, a girl keeps watch on her as her lover on bended knee kisses her hand. Engraving by H.C. Shenton after F.P.Stephanoff.
  • A man and a woman  riding on horseback outside Cambridge: the man's horse is flatulent. Etching after H.W. Bunbury.
  • An old man is sitting at a table counting his money as a young couple look at one another over his head. Wood engraving by M. Klinkicht after L. Löfftz.
  • A young loving couple sit on a sofa holding hands while she coyly holds a fan up to her face. Coloured wood engraving after Rud. Rössler.
  • A fashionably dressed young man pays a visit to his friend in the Temple, but the friend claims he cannot receive him as has a male visitor, concealing the fact that has a woman in his chambers. Etching, 1803.