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  • The London Hospital, Whitechapel: seen from the northern side of the Whitechapel Road. Wood engraving, after an engraving of c.1753.
  • Cybele, Bacchus, Ceres and Flora on a chariot drawn by lions surrounded by all forms of natural abundance and cherubs, symbolising the element earth. Engraving by E. Baudet, 1695, after F. Albani.
  • India: a man smoking a hookah whips a bullock who is drawing him on a platform around a milling wheel. Watercolour, 18--.
  • A Hereford ox. Etching by C. Cook, ca 1838, after J. Giles.
  • The Virgin Mary prays to the infant Jesus, who is being carried by four kneeling angels; they all stand in a circle around the sun drawn on the ground. Aquatint with etching by C.M. Metz after D. Ghirlandaio.
  • The Virgin Mary and the infant Christ wrapped in swaddling clothes; Joseph sits nearby. Etching by F. de Grado.
  • The birth of Christ; the Virgin kneels before the manger. Engraving by S.A. Bolswert after P.P. Rubens.
  • A musk-ox bull on Melville Island, Canada. Mezzotint with engraving by W. Westall, ca 1821, after Lieutenant Beechey.
  • The birth of Christ; female angels swoon through the air; Joseph looks on. Aquatint by T. Piroli, 1796, after W. Y. Ottley.
  • The adoration of the magi: a king kneels before the infant Jesus, seated on Mary's lap. Engraving by E. Fessard after C.J. Natoire.
  • Agriculture: villagers (perhaps in Syria or Palestine) threshing corn by trampling it with oxen. Engraving by C. Cousen after R. Beavis.
  • The adoration of the shepherds at the birth of Christ. Stipple engraving by G.S. & J.G. Facius, 1806, after J. Reynolds.
  • Alas! My poor brother : "I hear they want more Bovril".
  • The adoration of the shepherds. Etching by F. Berardi after G. Magni after C. Dolci.
  • A Hereford ox. Etching by H. Beckwith, ca 1848, after W.H. Davis.
  • A ploughman guides his plough across the field helped by a boy. Engraving by Hemsley after W.(?) Craig.
  • The birth of Christ; outside the crumbling cave, an angel announces the event to three shepherds. Lithograph by M. Fanoli after J. Führich.
  • An ox walking. Collotype after Eadweard Muybridge, 1887.
  • An ox walking. Collotype after Eadweard Muybridge, 1887.
  • A pastoral scene with women picking grapes and a man on an ox-cart. Etching by H. Lepind after E. Debat-Ponsan, 1886.
  • A Hereford ox. Stipple engraving by Neele.
  • Two men perhaps milling foodstuffs in a vat with a millwheel driven by two oxen. Gouache drawing, 18--.
  • The adoration of the magi. Etching by J. Swaine after R. Shipster after medieval bas-relief.
  • Mary, Joseph, the ass and the ox genuflect before the infant Jesus; shepherds arrive behind. Aquatint with etching by C.M. Metz after Titian.
  • Two African oxen with huge horns standing on a hillside. Etching by C. Heath, ca 1814, after H. Salt.
  • A short horned ox. Etching by H. Beckwith, ca 1839, after W.H. Davies.
  • Saint Luke. Etching by G. Smith after himself.
  • Methods of irrigation practised in India: use of bullocks to raise water from a well. Wood engraving by A.H., 1874.
  • The holy family resting among animals in Egypt. Etching by B. Baron, 1724, after F. Solimena.
  • A pastoral scene showing the picking, treading and transporting of grapes in an ox-cart; representing autumn. Engraving by R. S., 16th century, after F.G. Bassano.