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  • Daniel O'Connell and the devil represented as the Siamese twins joined at the chest; representing alleged atrocities by Roman Catholics. Coloured etching attributed to A. Sharpshooter, 1829.
  • Daniel O'Connell and the devil attempt to saw an oak beam that unites England and Ireland. Coloured lithograph by H.B. (John Doyle), 1843.
  • Burdett, Peel, O'Connell and Wellington in the roles of the body-snatchers Burke and Hare, suffocating John Bull with a rope; representing the extinguishing by Wellington and Peel of the constitution of 1688 by Catholic Emancipation. Coloured etching by A. Sharpshooter, 1829.
  • On a windswept heath, three witches prophesy to an aghast Daniel O' Connell. Coloured lithograph by h.b. (unknown artist), 1843
  • A patient refusing the prescriptions of opposing doctors; referring to Russell's refusal to take any further part in electoral reform. Coloured lithograph by John Doyle, 1837.
  • A deerhound and a terrier with human heads in domestic settings. Caricature of a painting by E. H. Landseer. Chalk lithograph.
  • Daniel O'Connell and the Duke of Wellington face each other as two opposing Irish chieftains. Coloured lithograph by H.B. (John Doyle), 1843.
  • British politicians as acrobats at a fair: performances by Lord John Russell balancing on a pole inscribed "Irish corporation billl...", Daniel O'Connell swallowing a sword inscribed "Repeal", and Thomas Spring-Rice balancing on his chin an object with a picture of a church, watched by political onlookers. Coloured lithograph by H.B. (John Doyle), 1837.
  • Alexander Raphael and Daniel O'Connell crying. Coloured lithograph by H.B. (John Doyle), 1836.
  • A man being restrained in a chair while a doctor and nurse prepare to give him some medicine; referring to English politicians' feelings towards Daniel O'Connell. Coloured lithograph by J. Doyle, 1833.
  • Vignettes of Peel's first ministry. Coloured lithograph, 1835.
  • A quack and a clown on stage presenting their wares to a hostile audience; referring to various politicians reactions to the replacement of the fixed duty on corn. Coloured lithograph by J. Doyle, 1841.
  • A giant holding a crozier with a cap of liberty points menacingly to Daniel O'Connell who stands on the brink of a precipice. Coloured lithograph by H.B. (John Doyle), 1843.
  • A game of cricket with Lord Morpeth and Lord John Russell as the two batsmen. Coloured lithograph by H.B. (John Doyle), 1840.
  • A sick man in bed, offered a warming pan by his maid and advice by his physician; representing Lord John Russell being given a seat at Stroud by Melbourne after his defeat in South Devon, looking for support to the radical Daniel O'Connell. Lithograph, 1835.
  • Daniel O'Connell in theatrical costume defends himself with two daggers from two women wielding daggers who are restrained by the Duke of Wellington and Lord Roden; Lord Eliot with a halberd is dressed as a beefeater. Coloured lithograph by H.B. (John Doyle), 1843.