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  • World War One, two nurses attending to a patient
  • World War One: operating theatre in portable hut of a C.C.S.
  • World War One: photograph of transport of wounded.
  • World War I: advanced dressing station
  • View of the Lake at The Imperial Summer Palace, Beijing
  • WWI: drawing of Royal Army Medical Corps, by F. Matania
  • World War One: first aid on the battlefield, Somme.
  • Soldiers, Infantry, being paid their wages by the Roman government, while the Cavalry are seen fending for themselves
  • Example of Beheading, a Roman military punishment carried out by the use of a axe or sword
  • Example of a Roman military punishment for Adultery, where the feet of the soldier were tied to two branches of trees bent down, which being suddenly let free, tore the offender apart.
  • World War One: men with wounds to the eyes walking in a single line, each man placing his left hand on the left shoulder of the man in front for assistance. Captioned 'Nightfall.'
  • World War One: photograph of regimental aid post
  • Drawing by F. Dadd: red cross soldiers and wounded, 1916
  • The Roman miliary punishment of Humiliation either by taking away the Military Belt or Girdle or by making the offender do a task that is beneath them, more a temporary or part of a punishment
  • World War One: treatment of the wounded
  • World War One: No. 69 F.A. at Red Cottage, Fricourt
  • A Roman soldier being dismissed or discharged from the Roman Military
  • Roman military punishment showing the breaking of the legs of slaves or persons of an inferiour level.
  • Example of two types of beating in Roman military punishment showing a beating either by sticks or rods
  • World War One: British army collecting point
  • World War One: transportation of the wounded
  • World War I photograph: gathering the wounded
  • World War One: interior of mobile bacteriological laboratory
  • Photograph: field surgery in the Dardanelles, 1915
  • World War I: aeriel view of convalescent depot, Boulogne
  • World War I: photograph of nurses dressing wounds
  • World War One: tending of wounded in trenches
  • World War One: Austrian Reserve Hospital
  • World War I: doctor and nurse treating a wounded soldier
  • Example of a Roman military punishment, soldiers being sold into slavery and servitude