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  • Crimean War, England: receiving lint to be sent to Scutari. Wood engraving by LEA. W.
  • The Walcheren inquiry into the misconduct of the Army Medical Board of three, resulting in its abolition. Etching attributed to T. Rowlandson. 1810.
  • Crimean War, England: caricature possibly a play on class and language or corruption within the Crimean Fund Office connected with Florence Nightingale. Wood engraving by N.
  • Four figures of British medicine panniers illustrating a range of types and uses. Wood engraving by T. Mallet.
  • Boer War: the dispensary and surgery in a hospital train. Halftone, c. 1900.
  • Crimean War, England: women manufacturing lint for the army. Wood engraving by W. Sheeres, 1855.
  • Russo-Japanese War: army medical staff treating the wounded in a field at Linglingtun, China. Collotype, c. 1904.
  • Franco-Prussian War: british ambulance stores at Metz. Wood engraving.
  • Boer War: soldiers checking the contents of crates of medical supplies. Halftone, c.1900.
  • Boer War: the dispensary of the Imperial Yeomanry Hospital at Deelfontein, South Africa. Process print, 1900.
  • World War One: a physician tending a soldier in a room in the trenches. Coloured charcoal drawing.
  • A beach in the Dardanelles with soldiers unloading medical supplies from a ship to Red Cross trucks. Colour halftone after N. Wilkinson, 1915.
  • 8th Xhosa War: British soldiers bearing a wounded man on a stretcher and supplies through jungle. Lithograph, ca. 1852.
  • Russo-Japanese War: rows of women in a large warehouse making bandages for the wounded Japanese. Pen and ink drawing, 1904.
  • Boer War: a busy field hospital storeroom with baskets of Red Cross medical supplies. Charcoal drawing by P.F.S. Spence.
  • World War One: two orderlies and a working dog of the German Red Cross. Halftone, c. 1916.