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  • Ruth comes to take shelter under Boaz's cloak. Engraving.
  • Esther faints before King Ahasuerus. Engraving, by R. Strange, 1767, after R. Strange, 1762, after G.F. Barbieri, il Guercino.
  • Esther faints before the fierceness of Ahasuerus. Engraving by J. Frey after D. Zampieri, il Domenichino, ca. 1628.
  • Esther swoons before Ahasuerus. Engraving by J. Audran after A. Coypel.
  • Bathsheba brings the young maid Abishag to the aging King David for body heat. Mezzotint by R. Earlom, 1779, after G. Farington after A. van der Werff, 1696.
  • Abraham's servant is impressed by the beautiful Rebecca, who stands in white amid the women around the well. Engraving by P.-I. Drevet after N. Coypel.
  • The childless Sarah presents Hagar, her handmaid, to her husband Abraham. Line engraving by J.G. Wille after C.W.E. Dietricy.