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  • Bleaching: racks and cauldrons for drying bleached cloth. Engraving by W. Lowry, 1804.
  • Textiles: tapestry weaving, a loom in elevation (top), details (below). Engraving by R. Benard after Radel.
  • Brick-making: a young woman is pulling a large wheelbarrow full of clay while a boy tips a barrow load into a pug-mill, to which a horse is attached by a yoke. Coloured aquatint with etching after W.H. Pyne, 1805.
  • Textiles: men working at large fabric printing machines. Engraving.
  • Textiles: a mechanical Jacquard loom, three-quarter view with spectators. Engraving.
  • Bleaching: vats and cauldrons for bleaching cloth. Engraving by W. Lowry, 1804.
  • A woman covered in an oiled silk cloak with a vapour machine which is linked to fireplace in front of her. Engraving.
  • Clocks: jigs for spring-coiling (top), and cog-placing (below). Engraving by Lachaussé after L.J. Goussier.
  • Textiles: three patent diagrams of apparatus for treating fabric. Wood engraving by Walmsley, 1856.
  • Clocks: details of a dividing engine for setting out gearwheels. Engraving by Prevost [after G. d'Heuland].
  • Printing: a three-quarter view of a press made by Bacon & Donkins, with a detail of the eccentric gearing. Engraving by W. Lowry after J. Farey, 1819.
  • Clocks: a chronometer, face (top) and mechanism (below). Engraving by Benard after L.J. Goussier.
  • Textiles: a loom for carpet weaving, cutting with scissors (top), combing the warp threads (below). Engraving by R. Benard after Radel.
  • Engineering: a centring chuck mechanism for a lathe, elevations, cross-section, and details. Engraving by E. Turrell after J. Clement.
  • Engineering: three-quarter view of a large stand drill. Engraving, c.1861.
  • Clocks: various pocket watches, and details of their mechanisms. Engraving c.1861.
  • Clocks: an escapement mechanism. Engraving by W. Kelsall after J. Clement.
  • Farming: a threshing machine designed by Richard Hornsby mounted on a cart: cutaway side elevation, and details. Wood engraving after R. Hornsby, 1862.
  • Machinery: a lever-operated forge hammer and anvil, in plan and three-quarter view. Coloured engraving by J. Pass.
  • A doctor demonstrating electrotherapy on a young semi-naked woman in front of other doctors and a nurse, other female patients are waiting in the background. Process print of a wood engraving by G.D.I. after D. Urrabieta Ortiz y Vierge.
  • Engineering: side elevation of the Bramah planing machine. Engraving by W. Lowry, 1814, after J. Farey.
  • Textiles: details of a loom used for ribbon weaving. Engraving by R. Benard after J.-M. Lucotte.
  • Textiles: water-powered equipment used for silk spinning. Engraving by R. Benard after L.-J. Goussier.
  • Inventions: various illustrations taken from mediaeval or later manuscripts. Process print, 1905.
  • Textiles: details of the equipment used for spinning silk threads. Engraving by R. Benard after L.-J. Goussier.
  • Textiles: a spinning wheel (top), making the design (below). Engraving by R. Benard after Radel.
  • Clocks: a Ferguson clock, face (right), and diagrams of the mechanism (left). Engraving by A. Bell.
  • Textiles: a steam-driven baling machine for cotton. Engraving.
  • Hydraulics: section and details of the Bramah hydrostatic press. Engraving by W. Lowry after J. Farey.
  • Rope-making: men testing ropes by pulling with a capstan. Engraving.