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85 results filtered with: Infants in the Bible
  • While the holy family rest on the way to Egypt, an angel bends a palm tree to provide them with dates. Etching.
  • The presentation of the infant Jesus at the temple. Etching by A. Campanella, 1771, after Fra Bartolommeo.
  • Solomon judges the case of the two harlots and their babies. Line engraving by J. Eisenhardt, 1847, after E. von Steinle.
  • An angel rescues Hagar and Ishmael in the wilderness. Etching by E. Rooker after C. Le Brun.
  • Joseph reads from the Bible while the Virgin Mary breast feeds Jesus. Etching by S. della Bella.
  • An infant dies, surrounded by mourners. Engraving.
  • The holy family prepare to flee for Egypt. Engraving by F. Poilly after G. Reni.
  • The Virgin Mary prays to the infant Jesus, who is being carried by four kneeling angels; they all stand in a circle around the sun drawn on the ground. Aquatint with etching by C.M. Metz after D. Ghirlandaio.
  • Simeon holds the Christ child, who is holding an apple. Mezzotint by H. Dawe after G. Reni.
  • The birth of Christ; the Virgin kneels before the manger. Engraving by S.A. Bolswert after P.P. Rubens.
  • The three kings bring offerings to the infant Jesus. Engraving by N. Dorigny after C. Maratta.
  • Simeon holds the Christ child, who is holding an apple. Mezzotint by R. Earlom, 1778, after G. Farington after G. Reni.
  • Zacharias (father of John the Baptist), struck dumb, writes that his son should be known as John. Etching by C. Tinti, 1771, after A. del Sarto.
  • The birth of Christ; female angels swoon through the air; Joseph looks on. Aquatint by T. Piroli, 1796, after W. Y. Ottley.
  • The adoration of the magi: a king kneels before the infant Jesus, seated on Mary's lap. Engraving by E. Fessard after C.J. Natoire.
  • The circumcision of Christ. Etching by F. Bartolozzi after G.F. Barbieri, il Guercino.
  • The adoration of the magi. Etching by or after J. Callot.
  • Hagar and Ishmael saved by an angel. Coloured mezzotint by R. Dunkarton, 1798, after J.S. Copley.
  • Christ being circumcised in the temple. Engraving by G. Massi after F. Barocci.
  • Scenes from the life of Moses before the Exodus. Etching, 1799.
  • The birth of Christ; outside the crumbling cave, an angel announces the event to three shepherds. Lithograph by M. Fanoli after J. Führich.
  • The massacre of the innocents. Etching by F.P. Massau after J.F. Overbeck, 1843.
  • One of the women whose child has died and whom Solomon will judge. Stipple engraving after N. Poussin.
  • The woman clothed with the sun is attacked by a seven-headed dragon; her child is ejected up to God: representing the 12th Book of Revelation. Engraving.
  • Simeon bows to the infant Jesus Christ. Engraving by A. Mochetti after N. Poussin (?).
  • The fugitive holy family board a barge. Aquatint with etching after C. Ferri.
  • The high priest of the Temple inspects the circumcised Christ child, whose head is glowing. Etching by M. Küssell after J.W. Baur.
  • Christ being circumcised in the temple. Engraving by G. Massi after F. Barocci.
  • Mary and Joseph voyage to Egypt with the infant Jesus. Etching by A.-C.-P. de Caylus after A. Carracci.
  • The presentation of Jesus at the Temple. Etching by W. Unger after F. Bartolommeo.