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  • Four hunters on horseback with hounds, setting off for the hunt; a village in the background. Coloured woodcut, ca. 1850.
  • Page 121: Sita being lured by a disguised Ravana, while Rama and Laksmana hunt in the forest. Watercolour drawing.
  • A doctor out hunting: attacked by the hounds, having fallen from his horse. Coloured etching by J.H., 1842.
  • If you would rather see this... than this, then join us / League Against Cruel Sports Ltd.
  • Windsor Forest and Windsor Great Park: two mounted huntsmen with their hounds; in the background, a mansion surrounded by trees. Coloured woodcut, ca. 1850.
  • Maison rustique, or the covntrey farme / compiled in the French tongue by Charles Steuens and John Liebault ... and translated into English by Richard Svrflet ... Also a short collection of the hunting of the hart, wilde bore, hare, fox, gray, cony; of birds and faulconrie.
  • A rider on his horse baulking over a fox. Colour lithograph cut paper work.
  • A country scene with many activities depicted: these include, from left to right, picking cherries, bathing, hay-making, hunting, and eating and drinking. Engraving by M. Merian after S. Vrancx.
  • Hunting: snares for catching ground-feeding birds, and musical notation of bird-song. Engraving, c.1762 by B.-L. Prevost.
  • A huntress approaching a meditating Shiva. Chromolithograph, 1883.
  • Inuit snow goggles and wooden case
  • Hunting: nets for catching ground birds. Engraving, c.1762.
  • Sarawak: a Kenyah hunter with blowpipe and dead animal. Photograph.
  • Ask for Spratt's Patent meat fibrine vegetable dog cakes with beetroot.
  • Maison rustique, or, the countrey farme / compyled in the French tongue by Charles Steuens, and Iohn Liebault ... and translated into English by Richard Surflet ... Now newly reuiewed, corrected, and augmented, with diuers large additions, out of the works of Serres his Agriculture, Vinet his Maison champestre, French, Albyterio [i.e. the 'Libro de albeyteria' of F. de la Reyna] in Spanish, Grilli [i.e. Gallo?] in Italian, and other authors. And the husbandry of France, Italie, and Spaine reconciled and made to agree with ours here in England: by Geruase Markham.
  • Ask for Spratt's Patent meat fibrine vegetable dog cakes with beetroot.
  • Lapland / Thomas Holloway.
  • Yellow Jacket Wasp, anterior view
  • Men are out shooting pheasant on the moors, a dog is returning with the catch in his mouth. Engraving by J.H. Engelheart after A. Cooper.
  • Hunting: nets for catching ground birds, and hunting at night with torches. Engraving, c.1762, by B.-L. Prevost.
  • Inuit snow goggles and wooden case
  • Hunting waterfowl on a river in January: two men and their dogs are shown in a punt, while another man stands on the riverbank, holding a rifle. Coloured aquatint by R. G. Reeve after R. B. Davies, 1836.
  • Hunting: traps and snares for catching ground-feeding birds. Coloured engraving.
  • Page 109: a hunting party coming across a woman feeding a peacock. Watercolour drawing.
  • Hunting: a man stalking partridges (?) (top), a trap for catching ground-feeding birds. Engraving, c.1762 by Defehrt after L.J. Goussier.
  • A young man returning from the hunt; representing the season spring. Engraving after Joachim von Sandrart I, ca. 1700.
  • A man stirring his broth contemplates his injured head which he holds with his hand. Mezzotint by A. Huffam, 1826, after M.W. Sharp.
  • Indian hunter and wife. Gouache drawing.
  • M. de Mélincourt proudly returns from the hunt with his son, who presents to his mother and his aunt the game he has shot, though they doubt his claim. Engraving.
  • Hunting: traps and hides for catching birds. Coloured engraving.