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  • Four hunters on horseback with hounds, setting off for the hunt; a village in the background. Coloured woodcut, ca. 1850.
  • Windsor Forest and Windsor Great Park: two mounted huntsmen with their hounds; in the background, a mansion surrounded by trees. Coloured woodcut, ca. 1850.
  • A huntsman accompanied by his dog runs through the forest blowing his horn. Woodcut and letterpress.
  • Two huntsmen in a clearing are surrounded by gypsies who read their palms as a decoy for stealing their belongings. Etching by J. Gillray, 1804, after B. North.
  • A huntress approaching a meditating Shiva. Chromolithograph, 1883.
  • Tree-ferns in an Australian forest with two hunters in the distance. Engraving by E. Brandard, c. 1873, after N. Chevalier.
  • Sarawak: a Kenyah hunter with blowpipe and dead animal. Photograph.
  • Sarawak: a group of Kalabit men. Photograph.
  • Diana returning from the chase bearing dead birds meets Pan holding grapes and other fruit. Engraving by S. à Bolswert after P.P. Rubens.
  • Four men standing by the huge trunk of an Australian mountain ash tree (Eucalyptus species). Wood engraving, c. 1867.
  • Page 109: a hunting party coming across a woman feeding a peacock. Watercolour drawing.
  • Indian hunter and wife. Gouache drawing.
  • M. de Mélincourt proudly returns from the hunt with his son, who presents to his mother and his aunt the game he has shot, though they doubt his claim. Engraving.
  • Two hunters with hounds have entered a bedroom to summon another hunter whose wife does not want him to leave. Mezzotint, 17--.
  • Sarawak: four Kayan hunters in their camp. Photograph.
  • Malaya: a white hunter resting in the shade as native Malays wait nearby in long grass. Pen drawing by J. Taylor, c. 1879.
  • A huntress coming across Shiva as a yogi. Chromolithograph.
  • Singapore: a western hunter and native Malays with a background view of the Roman Catholic Mission Church at Bukit Timah. Photograph by J. Taylor, 1880.
  • A huntsman sitting on a tree is about to shoot a lynx that has pounced upon a wild boar. Etching by J.E. Ridinger.
  • Two hunting horses belonging to the 2nd Duke of Kingston, with two hounds and two horsemen. Coloured woodcut, ca. 1850 (?).
  • Malaya: a line of white men out hunting accompanied by native Malays. Transfer lithograph after J. Taylor, c. 1879.
  • A jaguar attacking a deer. Ink drawing.
  • Two men standing by the huge trunk of an Australian mountain ash tree (Eucalyptus amygdalina). Wood engraving, c. 1867.
  • Men and boys in an Italian garden preparing the horses and hounds to go hunting. Engraving by J.P. Le Bas after C. Parrocel.
  • Hunters and hounds attempt to dig a fox out of its set in the ground; a horse chews leaves on a tree. Engraving by E. Radclyffe after A. Cooper.
  • Shiva as a Kirat (tribal Bhil huntsman) with a huntswoman. Chromolithograph by R. Varma.
  • Native Indians catching wild elephants by snaring their feet with ropes. Engraving by T Medland, ca 1800, after S Bey.
  • Ostriches fleeing from hounds and a huntsman on horseback. Etching with engraving by S. Della Bella.
  • M. de Mélincourt sets off for the hunt saying farewell to his wife, while his son is having shooting lessons. Engraving.
  • William Proctor. Photograph by John R. Edis after J. Bouet.