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  • A gouty man in a Bath chair out shooting with his dogs, his black servant sniggers behind him. Engraving.
  • Delilah caresses the sleeping Samson as she sets her barber to work. Engraving by J.B. de Poilly after F. Verdier, 1698.
  • A convalescing man happily eating a meal, assisted by his grinning servant. Coloured etching by J. Gillray, 1804, after J. Sneyd.
  • A doctor taking the pulse of a country squire; the smug doctor receives a drink from the butler while his disgruntled patient's medicine is prepared by the maid. Lithograph by W. Hunt, 1825, after H.W. Bunbury.
  • A tooth-drawer extracting a tooth from a fashionable and rich lady, while his black assistant and her white maid attend. Etching.
  • Hyde Park, near Kensington Palace: ladies and children drinking from a spring and eating a picnic. Engraving by J. Godby, 1802, after Mary Spilsbury.
  • A priest taking morning tea with a lady in her boudoir: a maidservant stands in the background. Engraving by Remi Parr after N. Lancret.
  • Two Chinese opium smokers in a booth watched by a woman who fans herself. Wood-engraving, late 19th century.
  • A convalescing man happily eating a meal, assisted by his grinning servant. Coloured etching by J. Gillray, 1804, after J. Sneyd.
  • A wealthy man at his dinner table is offered a clyster by a servant. Lithograph by Tal-Zar.
  • A couple of country folk consulting a decrepit doctor; a servant smiles menacingly in the doorway. Coloured etching by T. Rowlandson, 1809, after G.M. Woodward.
  • A town gentlemen exclaiming to his servant about a extremely long doctor's bill. Coloured etching by W. Heath, 1823.
  • Bonnell Thornton lying ill in bed, consulting three physicians and pointing out their inadequacies. Coloured etching attributed to C. Williams.
  • An Englishman and Asian man seated in a pavilion playing chess and both smoking the hooka. Coloured aquatint by T. Rickards, ca. 1804, after C. Gold.
  • A fashionable mother wearing a dress with slits across the breasts in order to feed her baby before she dashes off to the carriage waiting outside. Coloured etching by J. Gillray, 1796.
  • A female servant holds a small child while its fashionably dressed mother touches its face on her way out. Wood engraving by J. Thompson, 1840, after D. Wilkie.
  • A woman looks at herself in her mirror; a man looks through a telescope; representing the sense of sight. Engraving by A. Bosse after himself, ca. 1650.
  • A horrified gouty man discovering grass is growing out of his skin, as a result of taking J. Morison's vegetable pills. Coloured lithograph by C.J. Grant, 1835.
  • A convalescing man happily eating a meal, assisted by his grinning servant. Coloured etching by J. Gillray, 1804, after J. Sneyd.
  • A woman holding her child while a servant holds a bowl of food to feed her. Engraving by A. Nargeot after himself after J. Verkolje the elder, 1675.
  • A disgruntled gouty man ringing a bell for his servant who is just leaving the room. Etching.
  • A man caresses a woman; representing the sense of touch. Engraving by A. Bosse after himself, c. 1650.
  • A physician receiving a glass from a female servant while visiting a young female patient who is in bed. Coloured lithograph by P.H.L. Van der Meulen after J. Steen.
  • Sancho Panza (the squire of Don Quixote) , at a banquet, being starved for health reasons by his physician. Engraving by T. Cook after W. Hogarth after M. de Cervantes Saavedra.
  • A man being given a steam bath that is going drastically wrong. Wood engraving.
  • Eucharius Roeslin presenting his book on maternity to a pregnant Duchess of Brunswick. Woodcut.
  • A servants' employment agency where prospective employees are having their heads phrenologically examined as to their suitabililty. Coloured etching by W. Taylor.
  • A doctor recommending a specific diet to his obese patient's servant. Wood engraving by G. Browne, 1899.
  • A thin, anxious patient consulting a doctor. Coloured etching by C. Williams, 1823.
  • A man sits by a fireplace lighting his pipe with an ember while a servant girl brings his drink. Lithograph by F. Hanfstaengl after G. Metsu.