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  • A doctor giving a woman some medicine in front of a group of disagreeing men; representing Dr. Musgrave's attempt to bring charges against a group of politicians who had allegedly taken bribes from the French to complete the Treaty of Paris in 1763. Etching, 1769.
  • A trio of quack doctors attending to Britannia: the Earl of Bute with an ass's head blindfolds a woman who is vomiting into a bowl held by Louis XV as a baboon: Tobias Smollett takes her pulse;while Henry Fox approaches her with a clyster-pipe; representing the loss of British assets to France in the Treaty of Paris. Etching attributed to Paul Sandby, 1762.
  • A man with the head of a fox (Henry Fox) is pulling the king's sedan chair, and calls for help from George Bubb Dodington, who is drinking in an inn. Etching, 1757.