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  • Jesus calls the fishermen from the sea to be his apostles. Etching by J. Wachsmuth after J.C. Tardieu and C.J. Vernet.
  • Malta: view of a port. Etching by A. Benoist after J. Goupy, c. 1725.
  • Scarborough Museum and Cliff Bridge, Scarborough, Yorkshire. Engraving by C.J. Smith.
  • Hong Kong: Public Gardens and harbour viewed from the Albany. Photograph by W.P. Floyd, ca. 1873.
  • Crimean War, France: fishwomen carrying the luggage of nurses at Boulogne. Wood engraving by W. Thomas.
  • Macao Island: Macao Inner Harbour and adjacent Barra Fort, from the Island of Patera. Photograph by W.P. Floyd, ca. 1873.
  • Macao Island: panoramic view across the inner harbour from Macao City. Photograph by W.P. Floyd, ca. 1873.
  • Crimean War: aerial view of the Castle Hospital, Balaclava. Lithograph after Lady Alicia Blackwood.
  • Yokohama, Japan: panoramic view of the native and European residences in Yokohama town, looking towards the harbour. Photograph by W.P. Floyd, ca. 1873.
  • Small hospital at the harbour at Chiavari, Italy: section, facade and plan. Pen drawing by I. Cremona, 1826.
  • Malta: view of Grand Harbour and buildings along Barriera wharf towards Fort Lascaris and Upper Barrakka. Photograph by H. Agius, c. 1881.
  • Civil engineering: a steam-powered dredger in side elevation and plan, with details of the scoop. Engraving by Gray & son after G. Whitelaw.
  • Margate Pier, Margate, Kent, England: ships and boats in the harbour. Steel engraving by J. Newman.
  • Quarantine section of an Italian port. Pen drawing by I. Cremona, 1813-1820.
  • Istituto di St. Michele (home for delinquent children), Rome, Italy. Etching by I. Noval after G. Vasi, 1747.
  • The landing of the wounded at Yarmouth. Reproduction of a painting.
  • Crimean War, Scutari: British Hospital and Burial Ground. Tinted lithograph by J. Needham, 1857, after Lieutenant R.C. Glover.
  • Singapore: sunset over the harbour. Watercolour by J. Taylor, 1879.
  • Crimean War, Balaklava: embarkation of the sick. Tinted lithograph by F. Jones after W. Simpson.
  • Small hospital at Camogli port: facade, floor plan. Pen drawing by I. Cremona, 1825.
  • A harbour in which bales of goods are being traded between two merchants: falsehood and fraud govern the transaction, aided by an untrained clerk; representing the fraudulent use of commercial law. Engraving by H. Goltzius.
  • Singapore: St. John's Island and The Sisters from the beach at Tanjong Katong. Watercolour by J. Taylor, 1879.
  • Virgil and A. Pollio deep in conversation above a bustling town and harbour, Saloninius (Pollio's infant son) lies in a cradle at their feet. Woodcut after Virgil.
  • Crimean War: panoramic view of the English Hospital at Abydos. Wood engraving, 1855.
  • The prodigal son returns home by boat to a large party. Etching by J. Wachsmuth after C.J. Vernet and J.C. Tardieu.
  • Crimean War: cityscape view of hospital and cemetary at Scutari. Coloured lithograph by E. Walker after W. Simpson.
  • The Royal Hospital, Haslar, Hampshire: from the harbour. Aquatint by J. Wells, 1799, after J. Hall.
  • Civil engineering: a moveable derrick at Ramsgate Harbour, Kent, seen in plan. Engraving by Mutlow.
  • Rats at a port. Drawing by A.L. Tarter, 194-.
  • The south gate, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk: leading to the harbour. Line engraving by J. Storer after W. Brand.