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  • A jagged yellow, blue and red design with four vignettes representing relationships and messages in German emphasizing self-help by AIDS patients: ; ; an advertisment for the Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V. Colour lithograph for the for the Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V., 1996.
  • A daisy used for 'He loves me, he loves me not' game with several petals missing and a yellow condom instead of the flower's centre; representing protection against AIDS. Colour lithograph after M. Kolvenbach and G. Meyer, 199-.
  • 605760695 : vom Liebestöter zum Lebensretter... / Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe ; Konzept und Gestaltung Ninja v. Oertzen ; Foto: Jan Kornstaedt.
  • Sospensione di commercio con tutta la Germania : essendo pervenuto all'Illustrissimo Magistrato della Sanità di questa città il bando, publicato da SS. Proveditori alla Sanità di Verona, della Germania da suoi confini in sù ... / Signori Presidenti del Magistrato ... Francesco Raimondi [and others].
  • The world in blue monochrome contained in a navy-blue condom; representing protection against AIDS by condoms. Colour lithograph, 199-.
  • Memorial of religious and military events concerning Prussia from the year 1703. Engraving, c. 1722.
  • Veronal : neues vorzügliches Hypnoticum.
  • St. Petersburgh: a journal of travels to and from that capital. Through Flanders, the Rhenich provinces, Prussia, Russia, Poland, Silesia, Saxony, the federated states of Germany, and France / By A.B. Granville.
  • A gay man helping his partner who is disabled and has AIDS; an advertisement for caring for disabled partners with AIDS. Colour lithograph by M. Taubenheim and W. Mudra for the Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V.
  • A huntsman accompanied by his dog runs through the forest blowing his horn. Woodcut and letterpress.
  • Two men engage in oral sex in a public toilet; an advertisement for safe sex by the Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V. Colour lithograph by Friedrich Baumhauer and Wolfgang Mudra.
  • A car with two red condoms instead of tyres; representing protection against AIDS. Colour lithograph after M. Kolvenbach and G. Meyer, 199-.
  • A senior German army doctor being driven at speed in a horse-drawn carriage. Coloured lithograph, c. 1870.
  • A radiant red heart on a blue ground; advertising World Aids Day on 1 December. Colour lithograph, ca. 1995.
  • Vergolde deinen Schwanz / Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe ; Foto F. Baumhauer ; Gestaltung W. Mudra.
  • Memorial of European events from the year 1721. Engraving, c. 1722.
  • Deutsches Badewesen in vergangenen Tagen : nebst einem Beitrage zur Geschichte der deutschen Wasserheilkunde / [Alfred Martin].
  • Three uniformed German army officers in the Kingdom of Württemberg, two from the disabled soldiers corps. Coloured lithograph by H.M.D. Monten, ca. 1838.
  • Nicht um jeden Preis : aber sicher : beim Bumsen und Blasen schützt ein Gummi vor sexuell übertragbaren Krankheiten / Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe ; Foto Norbert Heuler ; Gestaltung Detlev Pusch.
  • A naked man is held up by another; advertising safe sex. Colour lithograph by Friedrich Baumhauer and Wolfgang Mudra for the Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V.
  • Deutsche medizinische Inkunabeln : bibliographisch-literarische Untersuchungen / von Karl Sudhoff.
  • A dentist (Uncle Sam) about to extract a tooth from a patient (Kaiser Wilhem II); representing America's successful involvement in the First world war. Pen drawing by P. Forbes-Robertson, 1918.
  • Bewusst leben : Sexualität hat viele Möglichkeiten. Safer Sex heißt, seine Phantasie zu benutzen. Und das Kondom / Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe ; Foto Norbert Heuler ;Gestaltung Detlev Pusch.
  • Finest chocolate truffle : wir wünschen ihnen einen guten Flug! / Lufthansa CityLine ; DreiMeister Spezialitäten Hans Schröder GmbH.
  • Bando : essendosi dilatato il Male Contagioso anche in Neustat, e Praga, & in altre città della Germania, per la quale dilatazione da signori della Sanità di Venezia sono state bandite le dette città, e loro vicini ...  / G.M. Estense Tassoni.
  • Personalausweis : Der / Die ... geboren am ... in ... wird ausschließlich im Sanitätsdienst der Wehrmacht als Angehörige(r) der Freiwilligen Krankenpflege verwendet ... / Wehrmacht des Deutschen Reiches.
  • A naked woman and a naked man making love on a hill on a starry night, bathed in a light coming from UFO floating above them, with a condom instead of UFO; representing protection against AIDS. Colour lithograph after C. Steckelbruck, 1993.
  • A uniformed German army doctor arriving at the scene of an accident. Coloured lithograph, c. 1870.
  • Anatomical figures (top); a physician takes the pulse of a sick man while the next two generations attend (bottom left); surgeons perform operations on a child and a woman. Etching by D. Berger, 1774, after D. Chodowiecki.
  • Selbstbewusst schwul : selbstbewusst positiv / Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe ; Foto I. Taubhorn; Gestaltung W. Mudra.