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  • Schucha, Caucasus: a funeral procession of men holding swords. Wood engraving, ca. 1870.
  • The coffin containing the remains of Mr. Peabody on display in the chapel on board of the ship "The Monarch". Wood engraving, 1869.
  • The body of Saint Bruno is laid out in state and surrounded by mourning Carthusian monks. Etching with engraving after E. Le Sueur.
  • Christ is laid into a tomb. Lithograph by M. Fanoli after E.R. Wehnert, 1849.
  • Jesus blesses Joseph as he dies. Engraving by C. Fantetti after C. Maratta.
  • Your rights in the AIDS era. 11, Acting as executor / Immunity.
  • The funeral of Mrs Susannah Wesley at Bunhill Fields, the Methodist cemetery: a key to the identities of the mourners. Etching.
  • Various rites and cermonies for the burial of a pope, including the catafalque during the funeral and the funeral procession. Engraving by B Picart, 1724.
  • Christ raises the widow's son from the dead. Etching by A. Tardieu after Guilbaut.
  • Detail of the funeral procession of Queen Elizabeth I, showing the "Gentlemen Pentioners" carrying flags and banners. Detail of an engraving by J. Basire after William Camden, 1791.
  • The funeral ceremony of Charles Darwin at Westminster Abbey, 26 April 1882. Wood engraving.
  • An infant dies, surrounded by mourners. Engraving.
  • William Pitt, Earl of Chatham, lying in state. Etching, 1778.
  • The funeral procession of King Philip of Valois, King of France, in 1350. Coloured lithograph, 1845.
  • Two priests and their server follow a funeral procession carrying an open coffin into a church. Etching by J. Pesne after G.F. Barbieri, il Guercino.
  • The funeral procession of Queen Elizabeth I, including the agents for Venice and the estates and the Lord Mayor of London. Engraving by J. Basire after a drawing by William Camden, 1791.
  • A male corpse is wrapped in linen and entombed while a funeral cortège proceeds into a church in the background. Etching with engraving by G. Spilberg after C. de Passe.
  • Mr. J. Wharton : when only 13 years of age, he weighed eighteen stone, and continued to increase in weight a stone each year, till he was thirty years old ... he died November, 1810, at Appleby Carside, Lincoln, at the age of 34.
  • Bangkok, Siam (Thailand): the funeral meru for the cremation of King Pinklao (second king), January 1866. Photograph by John Thomson, 1866.
  • Christ's body is carried to its tomb. Etching after Raphael, 1506-7.
  • The funeral of Pope Pius IX, on 13 February 1878, in St. Peter's, Rome. Process print.
  • Calcutta, West Bengal: a man about to scatter material from a bowl on a dead body lying on a funeral pyre, watched by women. Photograph.
  • Skulls and bones of friars, looking towards the altar of a chapel. Photograph.
  • A procession of publicans and a beggar following the coffin of Madam Geneva; attacking the Act preventing distillers from retailing or selling gin to unlicensed premises. Engraving, 1751.
  • The ashes of Napoleon Bonaparte arriving by ship on French soil. Lithograph by V. Adam.
  • Four men carrying a dead man on a wooden stretcher for his cremation, watched by grieving women. Gouache painting by an Indian painter.
  • The funeral procession of Queen Caroline, consort of King George IV. Aquatint, 1821.
  • The funeral procession of Queen Elizabeth I, including a gentleman usher with a white rod and the French Ambassador. Engraving by J. Basire after William Camden, 1791.
  • [1878 newspaper report of the funeral of William Campbell, the Scottish Giant at Jesmond Cemetary].
  • The coffin of W.E. Gladstone lying in state in Westminster Hall, attended by five men praying. Drawing by G.B. Scott after A. Kemp Tebby, 1898.