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  • Harold Chapman in drag poses with Mark Leslie dressed as a Golliwog, in an act for the Bow Bells. Photographic postcard, 191-.
  • George Coutts in drag. Photographic postcard, 194-.
  • British airforce servicemen performing a sketch, striking an animated pose. Photograph, 1918.
  • British servicemen in drag acting out a cooking class. Photograph, 191-.
  • Albert Letine in drag. Postcard, ca. 1907.
  • Two boys in single beds applying make-up and perfume to themselves. Colour process print after Rob-Vel, 193-.
  • French or Belgian prisoners of war, some in drag, posing on stage during a crowded scene of "La dame aux camélias"; at Sennelager prisoner of war camp in Germany. Photographic postcard, 191-.
  • Two sailors, one in drag, pose on deck holding props. Photographic postcard, 191-.
  • James Gardiner Collection: Victorian album
  • Three soldiers, two in drag, pose in costume. Photographic postcard, ca. 1920.
  • James Gardiner Collection: Victorian album
  • An actor in drag, posing for a portrait. Photograph by Mme Yvonne, 194-.
  • Douglas Byng in drag during a pantomime. Photograph, 1952.
  • Terry Bartlett in drag. Photograph, 193-.
  • Willie Manders in drag and in men's attire. Photographic postcard, 1914.
  • James Gardiner Collection: Victorian album
  • James Gardiner Collection: Victorian album
  • Julian Eltinge in drag. Process print, ca. 1916.
  • C. Rittfar wearing Edwardian style dress.
  • Two men, one in drag, posing in disagreement. Photograph, 189-.
  • Harold Chapman and Mark Leslie performing a revue for the Bow Bells. Photographic postcard, 191-.
  • An amateur actor in drag, wearing a flapper dress and white footwear. Photographic postcard, 1925-1928.
  • Ralph Mellor in drag. Photographic postcard by L.S. Langfier, 192-.
  • Thinking of testing for HIV? : if you are positive, the sooner you know the more you can do / Camden & Islington Community Health Servies NHS Trust, Crusaid, C.L.A.S.H.
  • A soldier in drag, dressed in a bonnet and holding an umbrella. Photographic postcard, 191-.
  • Louis Hayden in drag. Process print, 1946.
  • French or Belgian soldiers performing "Les phares Soubigou". Photographic postcard, 191-.
  • Amateur actors, some in drag, are having tea on stage. Photographic postcard, 192-.
  • Actors in the pantomime "Sindbad" at Drury Lane.
  • Amateur actors, some in drag, on stage attending to the death of a female character. Photographic postcard, 191-.