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  • Scenes from the life of Moses before the Exodus. Etching, 1799.
  • Moses' arms grow heavy as he prays for the victory of the Israelites over the Amalecites; an outstretched arm is anatomically depicted. Etching by C. Sperling-Heckel, c. 1735.
  • Moses speaks to his people in the land of the Moab, in the fortieth year of Exodus. Etching by C. Mosley, 1747, after A. Cheron.
  • God appears radiantly behind a black cloud as Moses swings an incense burner; four people are washing their feet and hands in preparation. Etching.
  • In front of a grand palace, Moses draws water from a rock. Etching by J. Le Pautre.
  • Moses draws water from the rock, and the Israelites quench their thirst. Etching by J. Le Pautre.
  • Moses strikes a rock and water pours forth in abundance. Etching after F. Sigrist.
  • A sacrifice taking place in the tabernacle in the wilderness; the encampments of the Jewish tribes spread out to the horizon. Coloured lithograph.
  • The people of Moses receive manna from heaven in the wilderness. Engraving by B. Audran I after N. Poussin, 1637-1639.
  • The tabernacle erected in the wilderness, surrounded by an enclosure and miles of tents. Coloured etching by W. Dickes.
  • The Egyptians are drowned as Moses parts the waves. Engraving after H. Wierix.
  • The Israelites' encampment in the wilderness of Paran after the Exodus from Egypt: God manifests himself in the form of a cloud. Watercolour by J.J. Derghi, 1866.
  • Moses brings forth water with his rod; his people gather the manna dropped from heaven and carry it away. Engraving by G. Bonasone after G.F.M. Mazzola, il Parmigianino, 1546.
  • The killing of the Egyptian firstborn by God. Coloured mezzotint by J. Martin, 1836, after himself.