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  • Phrenological diagrams of the skull and brain, with three portraits: Laurence Sterne, a mathematician, and Shakespeare; exemplifying the faculties of wit, number and imagination respectively. Engraving by H. Sawyer after W. Byam, 1818.
  • Caring for your pet / Seven Seas Veterinary Division.
  • The hot baths and infirmary, Bath. Steel engraving by J.B. Allen, 1829, after T.H. Shepherd.
  • A 'gay' dog. Photographic postcard, ca. 1911.
  • A gouty man in a Bath chair out shooting with his dogs, his black servant sniggers behind him. Engraving.
  • St Luke's Hospital, Cripplegate, London: the facade from the east. Engraving after T. H. Shepherd.
  • A man and wife and their two children and dog climbing up a grassy knoll as exercise in the fresh air. Colour lithograph by Hulls.
  • A 'gay' dog. Photographic postcard, ca. 1911.
  • The blind school, Southwark. Coloured engraving by R. Acon, 1829, after T. H. Shepherd.
  • A doctor out hunting: attacked by the hounds, having fallen from his horse. Coloured etching by J.H., 1842.
  • Hydrotherapy: eight vignettes of different cures at Gräfenberg, Germany. Lithograph, ca. 1860.
  • A woman breast feeding two puppies while a Mexican man and woman implore her to feed their baby, which is lying on the floor on a bed of straw. Chromolithograph after A. Utrillo Viadera.
  • The presentation of Jesus to the priest of the Temple. Coloured lithograph by F.S. Hanfstaengl after P. Caliari, il Veronese.
  • A woman being bled by one man while another holds her arm, two dogs lap up her blood; representing France in the grip of Louis XIV and Cardinal Richelieu, while the financiers drain her resources. Engraving.
  • An itinerant vendor advertising his 'sales show' in a square of town. Wood engraving after F. Gilbert.
  • Diseases of animals acts : rabies : London, Middlesex, and district (muzzling and control of dogs) order of 1919... / I.T. Williams.
  • Hyde Park, near Kensington Palace: ladies and children drinking from a spring and eating a picnic. Engraving by J. Godby, 1802, after Mary Spilsbury.
  • Road leading to Maudlin Chapel, Bath. Steel engraving by J.B. Allen, 1829, after T.H. Shepherd.
  • St Luke's Hospital, Cripplegate, London, with a number of figures in the foreground. Engraving by W. Deeble, 1785.
  • The good Samaritan tending to a wounded man while a priest and a Levite walk on by. Line engraving by T. Cook, 1809, after W. Hogarth.
  • Old Calabar dog biscuits : allegro : à tout vitesse.
  • Queens hospital, Birmingham. Etching.
  • A woman breastfeeding her child among her family. Etching by D. Deuchar, 1784, after A. van Ostade, 1641.
  • Caring for your pet / Seven Seas Veterinary Division.
  • Old Calabar dog biscuits : allegro : à tout vitesse.
  • First aid for your dog and cat / Pedigree Petfoods.
  • Sherley's guide to flea control : flea-free guarantee only from Sherley's : using the 4 step plan / Sherley's Ltd.
  • Pet insurance : This Christmas give your pet a healthy future / Marks & Spencer Financial Services.
  • Royal Naval Hospital, Greenwich, a distant three-quarter view of the Hall and Chapel, looking east, the Infirmary in the foreground left. Coloured drawing by C. White, 1786.
  • Benbow's dog mixture : purifies the blood, produces a smooth and healthy appearance in their coats... / Benbow's Dog Mixture Co.