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  • New York State Soldiers' Depot, New York City: the hospital. Colour lithograph, 1864.
  • Some elderly patients wistfully reminisce about their younger days. Coloured lithograph by A. de Valmont.
  • Hospital ward in Liverpool Workhouse; requisitioned for wounded soldiers. Pencil drawing.
  • A drunken scene in a gin shop with children being given alcohol. Coloured etching by G. Cruikshank, 1848, after himself.
  • A man wearing a 'german corn plaster', which has caused his leg to shrink. Coloured reproduction of an etching.
  • Ailing soldiers queuing up to see the doctor in a military surgery. Coloured lithograph by G. Gostiaux after himself.
  • Children with orthopedic disorders. Twenty six pen drawings.
  • A one-legged beggar and former soldier approaches a wealthy clergyman for alms. Etching with engraving by John Collier, 1770.
  • Christ healing lame people at the pool of Bethesda. Etching by D. Cunego, 1779, after J.A. Calvi after L. Carracci.
  • A street altar in Rome, hung with votive offerings, attended by itinerant pipers watched by locals. Watercolour by D.W. Lindau, 1835.
  • Drunken sailors round a table cheering and throwing their hats in the air as a man with a wooden leg recounts the Battle of the Nile. Reproduction of an etching by C. H., c. 1825, after G. Cruikshank.
  • St Bartholomew's Hospital, London: a corner of the Gibbs courtyard with many trees and the fountain in the centre. Etching by Lillian C. Smythe.
  • Two old women dressed in rags sharing the contents of a bowl. Etching possibly after J. Callot.
  • A procession of blind and physically disabled people; allegory about sticks: how children are afraid of the rod but disadvantaged adults come to rely on it. Engraving by P. Galle, 1563?.
  • An old woman dressed in rags holding her right arm in a bandage made of straw and a stick in her left hand. Etching possibly after J. Callot.
  • A physician diagnoses war veterans. Wood engraving, c. 1870.
  • A poor, old and wounded war veteran watched in sympathy by a young Russian family - a Russian war fund poster. Halftone after S. Vinogradoff, 1914.
  • Invalided soldiers assembled in the garden of Fort Pitt Hospital, Chatham. Wood engraving, c. 1855.
  • Town fops including L. Skeffington, J. Penn and Lord Kirkcudbright, feigning fashionable wounds after the return of the troops from Holland. Coloured etching by J. Cawse, 1799.
  • A gouty man startled by death; represented as a skeletal figure wielding an arrow. Mezzotint, 1794.
  • A miser and usurer holding a money-bag is accosted by a poor man on crutches.  Woodcut by J. Amman, c. 1568.
  • An old gentleman visitor offering snuff to an old woman at her fireside. Coloured lithograph by J. J. Chalon, c. 1821, after himself.
  • Votive picture: a woman kneeling with crutches, praying to the Virgin and Child. Oil painting.
  • A gouty man surrounded by horse-riding accoutrements. Coloured engraving by Maddox after H.W. Bunbury.
  • A disgruntled gouty man with all limbs bandaged, a table covered in medicine bottles is next to him. Coloured lithograph by H. Heath.
  • Crimean War: wounded sailors convalescing at Haslar Hospital. Wood engraving by H. Linton after E. Morin after J. Mayall.
  • A little bit of fluff? Kamarad! / D.G.B.
  • Peter heals the lame man outside the temple. Mezzotint by P. van Somer after K. Dujardin.
  • Crowds of old and infirm people arrive at the fountain of youth to drink the special water; to the left are a group of youthful people dancing and singing, rejuvenated by the spring. Engraving by Boilard, ca. 1720.
  • A gouty man savouring his feast. Coloured aquatint by G. Hunt after E.Y.