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  • Krishna stealing the cowgirls clothes and watching them bathe in the river below. Chromolithograph.
  • Radha and Krishna. Watercolour drawing.
  • The gopis complaining to Yasoda about Krishna's pranks. Chromolithograph.
  • Krishna plays his flute to the gopis while a man watches from the woods. Chromolithograph.
  • Krishna seated in a tree above a river with the gopis' clothes and making the gopis plead for their garments. Chromolithograph.
  • Two old walnut trees (Juglans regia) growing by a country lane and sheltering some cows and their minders. Lithograph after G. Barnard, c. 1849.
  • Krishna playing the flute to cowgirls. Chromolithograph, 1882.
  • Krishna playing with four cowgirls at a well. Chromolithograph.
  • Radha and Krishna. Gouache drawing.
  • Radha and Krishna on a single lotus within an "Om" sign surrounded by rondels of scenes of Krishna's life. Coloured lithograph.
  • A woman milking a cow with a child, possibly Krishna begging for milk, while a seated cat observes. Chromolithograph.
  • Krishna sitting in a tree with all the gopis clothes while they naked in the water, beg for their garments. Chromolithograph after Ravi Varma.
  • Krishna spilling the milk maids pots. Chromolithograph.
  • Krishna, playing the flute, seated in a tree with the milkmaids' clothes, while they, naked and in water gather around the tree begging for their clothes. Chromolithograph.