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13 results filtered with: Compasses (Mathematical instruments)
  • A female figure at an easel is helped by another with a compass; representing perspective and geometry in art. Coloured stipple engraving, 1786.
  • A mathematician draws a semi-circle while Minerva watches over him. Engraving by R. Sadeler, 1591, after M. de Vos.
  • Three figures of the muscles of the foot, showing the sole of the foot progressively dissected.
  • Doctor Zirkel follows Newton's famous steps under the fabled apple tree. Coloured wood engraving.
  • Urania, the muse of astronomy. Engraving by L. Kilian (?), 16--.
  • The hand of God spans out heaven with a compass while surrounded by angels. Line engraving by Robert Pranker, ca. 1761.
  • A procession of historical figures accompanying a car on which Time sits measuring the globe; representing the triumph of Time. Engraving by S. Pomarede, 1748, after G. Buti after Bonifacio de' Pitati.
  • A female figure with a castle on her head measures a globe with a compass; representing geometry. Engraving by A. Vallée after M. de Vos.
  • A woman with a castle on her head traces a compass across a globe while two men crouch over it; representing geometry. Engraving by C. Cort, 1565, after F. Floris, c. 1557.
  • The angel tells Joseph to awaken and take Jesus and Mary to Egypt. Engraving after P. Mignard.
  • A woman holding a compass and a square rule; representing architecture. Engraving by E. Delaune, ca. 1560.
  • The castle of knowledge, flanked by the spheres of destiny and fortune. Woodcut, 1556.
  • A female nude draws a compass over a globe; representing astrology. Engraving attributed to G. Bonasone, 1544.