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  • Head of a boy. Drawing, c. 1794.
  • The Foundling Hospital, Holborn, London: a bird's-eye view of the courtyard. Coloured engraving by T. Bowles after L. P. Boitard, 1753.
  • A woman in ragged clothing is carrying one child as another walks by her side. Etching by Jean Duplessi-Bertaux.
  • Plain speaking about HIV and AIDS and how it affects women, written for women by the experts - women. 3, HIV, pregnancy and children / Positively Women.
  • The Foundling Hospital, Holborn, London: a perspective view looking north-east at the main building, with penitent mothers arriving beside a statue of fortune. Engraving by C. Grignion and P. C. Canot after S. Wale, 1749.
  • A child wearing Scottish dress and a feathered hat is mounted on a Shetland pony. Steel engraving by J. Cochrane after W. Salter, 1845.
  • A sad lonely child sits on her bed, anxiety, illustration
  • HIV & AIDS : information about mothers and children with HIV infection / written by Rosie Claxton for the Terrence Higgins Trust.
  • A mother and her five delighted children turned away from their dentist's at Easter because he has toothache. Wood engraving by G. Du Maurier, 1874.
  • A dwarf, or perhaps a child begging. Gouache drawing.
  • Eleven decorated initials from the Basel 1555 edition of Andreas Vesalius's De humani corporis fabrica. Woodcuts, 1555.
  • A man administers a clyster to a greedy little boy who is laying across his mothers lap, his two siblings watch the scene with amusement. Engraving by J. Ouvrier after J.E. Schenau.
  • A young barefoot shepherdess and a little girl take refuge near a shrine during a storm. Lithograph by Z. Belliard after M.-Ph. Coupin de La Couperie.
  • Christ's Hospital: the Great Hall during a ceremony. Engraving by J. G. Walker, 1822, after T. Stothard, 1799.
  • A young mother looks over her baby as it lies sleeping in its crib. Stipple engraving, 1789, by W. Nutter after S. Shelley.
  • A girl sitting on a bench crying as a boy pulls her plait: another boy reads beside her. Wood engraving by H. Linton.
  • Services provided by AIDS-Hilfe Frankfurt. Colour lithograph, 199-.
  • An opinionated child ignores his parents; representing the faculty of obstinacy in phrenology. Steel engraving, 1847, after H. Bruyères.
  • Macbeth consults the three witches; an apparition appears of a bloody child, who calls Macbeth's name three times. Engraving by W. Byrne, 1773, after E. Edwards.
  • The Foundling Hospital, Holborn, London: the main buildings with several figures. Engraving, [1751].
  • King Sanjaya redeems the children of Vessantara, paying to the brahmin the weight of the girl in gold. Watercolour.
  • Four buildings in Chelsea: the Royal Hospital, St Luke's Church, the Old Church, and the Royal Military Asylum. Coloured lithographs.
  • Grandma's : a service for children affected by HIV/AIDS : P.O. Box 1392, London SW6 4EJ ...
  • A greedy medical practitioner demanding a leg of bacon for payment from a poor family. Mezzotint.
  • Four children sit chatting about AIDS; advertising the 4th course on AIDS education for higher education students in the 'Chamberí' district of Madrid; held at the Centro Cultural "Galileo" in Madrid on 16 November 1994; organised by the Centre de Estudios Sociales Aplicados [Center of Applied Social Studies]. Colour lithograph by Irene Bordoy, 1994.
  • West Midlands Tuberculosis sanatoria and public information
  • A guardian angel (or Night) carries a sleeping child. Etching by James Basire, 1763, after Domenico Cresti, il Passignano.
  • Barnardo's work with HIV/AIDS / Barnardos.
  • Plain speaking about HIV and AIDS and how it affects women, written for women by the experts - women. 3, HIV, pregnancy and children / Positively Women.
  • Two children are brought to the nurses of the Asylum for Female Orphans, Lambeth, London. Etching.