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  • Two hens feeding with chicks in the foreground with a broody hen with younger chicks behind. Etching by H Bonnart.
  • Birds in a farmyard: magpie, sparrow, turkey, dove, cockerel and hen. Etching by J. Griffier after F. Barlow.
  • A broody hen surrounded by her chicks. Engraving by P. Tempest, ca. 1690, after F. Barlow.
  • Two canaries feeding their young in a basket. Coloured etching.
  • Two identical chicks representing the difficulty in distinguishing between those who have AIDS and those who do not; an advertisement by the Grupo de Apoio à Prevenção à AIDS, Gapa/BS, Brazil. Colour lithograph, ca. 1995.
  • Birds on a farm: cockerels, hens, chicks and doves. Etching by F. Place after F. Barlow.
  • A cockerel with hens and chicks looking for food outside a pig sty. Engraving by P. Tempest, ca. 1690, after F. Barlow.
  • An eagle swooping for some chicks and being attacked by a cockerel and a farmer waving a broom. Engraving by F. Place, ca. 1690, after F. Barlow.