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  • A man comes to a shop to sell a fish to a woman who sells poultry, fish and vegetables, watched by a cat. Engraving by J. Burnet after W. Mieris.
  • Caring for your pet / Seven Seas Veterinary Division.
  • A monster representing an influenza virus hitting a man over the head as he sits in his armchair. Pen and ink drawing by E. Noble, c. 1918.
  • Farm cats : the farmers friends / The Cats Protection League.
  • Junior cat care manual / Cats Protection League.
  • A tooth-drawer extracting a tooth from a fashionable and rich lady, while his black assistant and her white maid attend. Etching.
  • The noses and mouths of two cats with protruding tongues. Watercolour by M. Bishop, 1973.
  • A monkey physician examining a cat patient for fleas. Coloured lithograph.
  • A woman doctor examining a girl's finger. Engraving after J. Northcote.
  • Caring for your pet / Seven Seas Veterinary Division.
  • First aid for your dog and cat / Pedigree Petfoods.
  • Cat tongue, cross section.
  • For cats that hate tablets, worming couldn't be easier : Sherley's worming granules : the no-fuss treatment for cats / Sherley's Ltd.
  • Sherley's guide to flea control : flea-free guarantee only from Sherley's : using the 4 step plan / Sherley's Ltd.
  • Pet insurance : This Christmas give your pet a healthy future / Marks & Spencer Financial Services.
  • Your guide to protecting your pet against fleas and ticks : Frontline Spot On : protection you both can trust / Merial Animal Health Ltd.
  • An elderly woman reading a novel by the fire asks her maid to change her library books, with a preference for romantic fiction. Lithograph after R. Seymour.
  • A cat in "gothic" style. Gouache by Louis Wain, 1925/1939.
  • Louisa Mabreé, a French midwife being executed in a cage full of cats above a fire. Coloured aquatint.
  • "85% of cats and dogs over the age of four are affected by periodontal disease" British Veterinary Dental Association : prevention starts at £2.99 and is available from your local pet shop / Beaphar Sherley's.
  • Pet insurance : This Christmas give your pet a healthy future / Marks & Spencer Financial Services.
  • A rural physician giving an elderly woman a tablet, which she views suspiciously, a younger woman stands smiling in the background. Colour stipple engraving by J. Cary, 1786, after H. Taylor.
  • Six vignettes on a design for a fan illustrating how to lead a moral and happy life. Stipple engraving, 1797.
  • Caring for your kitten : a kitten pack from the makers of Whiskas kitten food / [Pedigree Petfoods].
  • Rabies: a cat and a dog, at risk of bringing rabies into the British Isles from France. Colour lithograph, 1976.
  • Drs. Hermanus Schaepman and Abraham Kuyper, shown as witches, stoke the fire of a cauldron from which emanate devils; symbolising their struggle to institute suffrage, against prevailing resistance in the Dutch second chamber. Reproduction of a lithograph after Van Geldorp, 1901.
  • A male-midwife suggestively examines an attractive pregnant woman, her disgruntled husband is led out of the room by a servant. Line engraving, 1773.
  • Saint Mary (the Blessed Virgin) and Saint Joseph with the Christ Child and Saint John the Baptist. Line engraving after F. Barocci.
  • A man suddenly awakened by two squalling cats. Coloured etching by J. Gillray, 1806.
  • A tooth-drawer in his establishment feeling the tooth of a bemused female patient, his assistant holds the pincers in readiness for extraction. Coloured etching by T. Rowlandson, 1823.