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28 results
  • Unfolded brain, MRI
  • Geography: a map of the world, with local scenes around. Coloured lithograph.
  • Map of the Roman Empire in the time of Galen.
  • Map of the world according to Herodotus.
  • Brain tractography
  • Les Delices de Leide, Pieter van der Aa, 1712
  • Map of the world in outline, with pacific in centre.
  • White matter innervation of the neocortex, MRI
  • Brocke and Wernicke areas of brain, MRI
  • Plan of London, Medical socities and hospitals.
  • Peloponnesus et Graecia meridionalis.
  • Map of the world, showing positions of malaria.
  • Map showing Races in Hellenic times, 1000-800 B.C. Illustrated by J. F. Horrabin.
  • Map of England & Wales showing population in 1801.
  • Inferior Longitudinal Fasciculus, tractography
  • Mexico, topography.
  • Corpus Callosum, tractography
  • Corticospinal tract, tractography
  • Map of England & Wales showing population, 1700s.
  • Map of the world.
  • Map of Russia lent by Dr. Schuster.
  • Map of Newcastle.
  • Arcuate Fasiculus, tractography
  • Map of Crimea.
  • Map of England & Wales showing population in 1750.
  • Map of Scotland, with rites in archaeology.
  • Map of Oceania and Pacific Ocean.
  • Geography: a map of the world. Colour lithograph, ca.1970, after J. B. Vrients, 1596.