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  • Buxton, Derbyshire: the baths, with scale key. Wood engraving by B. Sly after H. Currey.
  • Panoramic view of Buxton with a key to the sights. Line engraving by Newman & Co.
  • For three nights only. Tuesday, thursday and Saturday, August 11th, 13th, & 15th, 1846 : The manager has the gratification of announcing to the nobility and gentry visiting Buxton, and to the inhabitants generally, that he has entered into an arrangement for the above lilited period, with England's native wonder, Field Marshal Tom Thumb! / Theatre, Buxton.
  • World War I: a convalescent soldier in a walking frame is running at speed while smoking a cigarette, endangering an older man and woman. Postcard after E. Jones, 1917.
  • Buxton, Derbyshire: the Crescent. Lithograph by G. Rowe.
  • Buxton, Derbyshire: the Crescent. Aquatint.
  • A man with a broken leg is having its muscles stimulated by an electrical machine. Postcard after E. Jones, 1917.
  • Hot baths in Buxton, Derbyshire: the exterior of the buildings viewed from a hill opposite. Photograph by Poulton.