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  • Hindu deities: Shiva, Chhinnamasta, Kamadeva and Rati. Gouache painting by an Indian artist.
  • Saint Paul. Engraving by A. Collaert.
  • Judith with a sword holding the head of Holofernes. Mezzotint by A. von Prenner after A. Varotari, il Padovanino, ca. 1720.
  • Eleven decorated initials from the Basel 1555 edition of Andreas Vesalius's De humani corporis fabrica. Woodcuts, 1555.
  • The execution of rebels during the Rebellion in Naples and Sicily in 1647. Etching by J. Duplessi-Bertaux, with engraving by J. Aliamet, 1781.
  • Decapitation of Saint John the Baptist. Engraving by S.A. Bolswert after Sir P.P. Rubens.
  • Decapitation of Saint John the Baptist. Lithograph by J. Dickson after Cesare da Sesto.
  • Kowloon, Hong Kong: five pirates awaiting beheading, while Chinese soldiers and dignitaries line up behind. Photograph, 1891.
  • David rests his hand on Goliath's severed head. Lithograph by B-R. Julien, 1845, after G. Reni.
  • Mercury flying off with the head of Argus whose decapitated body lies on the ground. Red chalk drawing.
  • Saint Barnabas: his martyrdom. Etching.
  • A Chinese man kneeling on the ground is about to be beheaded with a sword. Coloured stipple print by J. Dadley, 1801.
  • Saint John the Baptist: Salome holding his severed head on a charger. Etching by F. Huot, 1787, after P. Bordone.
  • Judith decapitating Holofernes with a sword. Line engraving by C. Galle after P.P. Rubens.
  • Decapitation of Saint John the Baptist. Stipple engraving by W. French after C. Dolci.
  • The decapitation of a saint; the spirit being received by two angels (?). Woodcut.
  • Decapitation of Saint John the Baptist. Line engraving by Rivers, 1813, after G. Douw.
  • Queen Gunhilda, consort of King Henry III of Germany, receives from her page the severed head of the man who had accused her of adultery, after he had been defeated by the page in combat, but Gunhilda renounces her victory. Engraving by S.F. Ravenet after A. Casali.
  • Decapitation of Saint John the Baptist. Pencil drawing.
  • Martyrdom of two men by disembowelling and by decapitation. Etching after Ferrari [Cesare Ferreri?].
  • The decapitation of Saint John the Baptist. Wood engraving by C.A. Zscheckel after Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld.
  • Judith puts the head of Holofernes into her maid's bag. Etching (?) after H. Goltzius.
  • Judith and her maid put the head of Holofernes into a bag. Engraving by A. Smith.
  • The mass execution of 335 Moroccans by the Sultan Muley Abdallah: a group of men shackled by chains to each others' necks are beheaded outside the Emperor's tent in the presence of English slaves. Etching by T. Reynolds.
  • David holds the head of Goliath; soldiers dressed in contemporary uniform stand by. Engraving by N. de Bruyn after himself, 1609.
  • The decapitated head of a man: two views. Photographs, 18--.
  • Lucrezia Cenci and  Beatrice Cenci are beheaded in Rome: an executioner holds up the head of Beatrice, whose brother faints at the sight. Etching, ca. 1850.
  • Decapitation of Saint John the Baptist. Etching by F. Forster after Cesare da Sesto.
  • Three supporters of the Boxer Rebellion about to be executed at the command of the foreign alliance. Process print after F. de Haenen, 1900.
  • Judith with Holofernes' head. Line engraving.