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  • Great Malvern, Worcestershire: gateway. Aquatint by Havell after J. Bradley.
  • Heriot's Hospital, Edinburgh Castle from Grey Friars Church yard, Edinburgh, Scotland. Line engraving by W. Woolnoth, 1836, after T. Allom.
  • Abbot's Hospital, Guildford, Surrey. Line engraving by Shury & Son, 1840, after G.S. Shepherd.
  • Higham-Ferrers College, Northampton, England. Etching by S. & N. Buck, 1729.
  • Maidstone Drinking Fountain, Maidstone, Kent. Wood engraving by J.M. Williams, 1862.
  • Heriot's Hospital, Edinburgh: boys playing in the grounds. Etching by T. Flowers after W. Wallace.
  • Maggiore Hospital, Milan, Italy. Coloured aquatint by G. Ruff after A. Sidoli after G. Migliara.
  • Heriot's Hospital, Edinburgh: figures in the grounds. Coloured line engraving.
  • Corpus Christi College, Oxford. Line engraving by E.F. McCabe after R.B. Harraden.
  • Christ Church, Oxford: quadrangle. Line engraving by P. Fourdrinier.
  • Heriot's Hospital, Edinburgh, Scotland. Line engraving by W. Watkins after T.H. Shepherd.
  • Heriot's Hospital, Edinburgh. Process print after J. Gordon.