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2,315 results filtered with: Stipple engravings
  • William Harvey. Stipple engraving by J. Thomson, 1823, after W. von Bemmel, 1657.
  • Sir Astley Paston Cooper. Stipple engraving.
  • Women representing architecture and astronomy. Coloured stipple engraving by J. Chapman, 1803, after R. Corbould.
  • Three sections of diseased brain. Coloured stipple etching by W. T. Fry after C. J. Canton for Richard Bright, 1829.
  • Vasco da Gama. Stipple engraving by C. Turner, 1800.
  • Urania. Stipple engraving by P. Bettelini after G.B. Cipriani.
  • Nehemiah Grew; with a vignette of Gresham College. Stipple engraving by J. Newton, 1804, after R. White, 1701.
  • John Wolcot [Peter Pindar]. Stipple engraving by B. Smith after T. Parkinson.
  • Joseph Pitton de Tournefort. Stipple engraving by Holl.
  • Sir Isaac Newton. Stipple engraving by W. Holl after Sir G. Kneller, 1702.
  • Thomas Jefferson. Stipple engraving, 1802, after G. Stuart.
  • Richard Pearson. Stipple engraving by J. Posselwhite after Miss Bracken.
  • Sir Humphry Davy. Stipple engraving, 1823.
  • J. L. Marin Defrance. Stipple engraving by A. Tardieu, 1827, after himself.
  • John Brown [Bruno]. Stipple engraving by J. Thomson after J. Donaldson.
  • Christoph Ludwig Hoffmann. Stipple engraving by E. Verhelst after de Giorgi, 1788.
  • Andrew Boorde. Stipple engraving by Clamp.
  • The body of Tippu Sultan is laid out and mourned by a woman and servants. Stipple engraving by L. Schiavonetti, 1801, after R.K. Porter.
  • Thomas Wright. Stipple engraving by D. J. Pound, 1859, after Maull & Polyblank.
  • Matthias Buchinger, a phocomelic man. Stipple engraving.
  • James Hope. Stipple engraving by H. S. Ball, 1842, after T. Phillips.
  • Franz Joseph Gall. Stipple engraving, 1805.
  • Henry Bennet, Earl of Arlington. Engraving by W.T. Mote after Sir P. Lely.
  • John Fothergill. Stipple engraving by F. Bartolozzi after R. Livesay, 1782.
  • E. Senate. Stipple engraving by J. Wallis after R. Bull.
  • Gregorio Fontana. Stipple engraving by G. Rados after R. Focosi.
  • King George III standing, in military uniform; horse in the background. Etching and stipple by B. Smith after W. Beechey, 1804.
  • Edward Jenner. Stipple engraving by Hoppe, 1803, after J. R. Smith, 1800.
  • A foot with a skin disease; and four patches of skin showing types of skin disease. Coloured stipple etching by J. Pass, c. 1822.
  • Tom Jones and Sophia Western are seated together on a sofa as Squire Western enters the room with a riding whip. Stipple engraving by Peter Simon after J. Downman.