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  • How HIV transmission works: HIV status : Howard was sure that he wasn't going to catch HIV this way / GMFA, London Gay Men's HIV Prevention Partnership, MetroM8.
  • Young, free and protected? / NPL ... Naz Project London.
  • Hermes. Photographic postcard after E. Herter, 193-.
  • Albert Letine in drag. Postcard, ca. 1907.
  • Paradise lost : break the chain / BUAV.
  • George Hackenschmidt, a wrestler. Process print, 190-.
  • Sheepdog : 69 / Royal Mail Group Ltd. ; designed by Redpath.
  • Capote = le moyen + simple pour te protéger du VIH et des IST : pour lutter contre les infections sexuellement transmissibles, faites-vous dépister régulièrement / ENIPSE, Équipe nationale d'intervention en prévention et santé pour les entreprises.
  • Oscar Wilde. Process print, ca. 1910.
  • Two boys in single beds applying make-up and perfume to themselves. Colour process print after Rob-Vel, 193-.
  • Conquer AIDS : the safest weapons, condoms and lube / Gay Men Fighting AIDS (Organization) ; photo: Hywel Williams.
  • Saint Michel : Paris plasirs, Paris capotes / Mairie de Paris.
  • Wall Painting of Theseus, Slayer of the Minotaur.
  • Il a sauvé encore plus de vies que Le Frelon V..t : contre le VIH et les autres IST, les préservatifs sont les plus grand des héros / SNEG, prévention ; conception graphique: Lucas Descroix.
  • Julianne Sleebus, a woman with a large beard. Process print, 190-.
  • A Swiss mountain guide in profile carrying heavy rope. Photographic postcard by E. Gyger, 193-.
  • Services at the Positive Place : Winter 1994/95 : a centre in South East London for the support and care of people affected by HIV and AIDS / The Positive Place.
  • "When night sets in the sun is down" : from the painting by R. Caton Woodville : post card / National Institute for the Blind.
  • World AIDS Day : millennium essentials... December 1st 1999 / Camden & Islington Community Health Services NHS Trust.
  • Autumn bonus 1954 / Oxo Limited.
  • A new Bayer product 'Seominal' ...
  • Henry Cyril Paget, 5th Marquis of Anglesey. Process print, ca. 1903.
  • 605760695 : vom Liebestöter zum Lebensretter... / Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe ; Konzept und Gestaltung Ninja v. Oertzen ; Foto: Jan Kornstaedt.
  • Gruss von Hede.
  • Julian Eltinge in drag. Process print, ca. 1916.
  • Royal Court Midgets.
  • C. Rittfar wearing Edwardian style dress.
  • General Tom Thumb and wife : in the identical costumes worn before her majesty, Queen Victoria, at Windsor Castle, June 24, 1865.
  • Postcard showing conjoined twins Andenken and Emilisa Stoll
  • Two men wrestling. Photograpic postcard, 193-.