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  • King George IV when Prince of Wales as Colonel of the tenth Light Dragoons. Photogravure, 1905, after W. Beechey.
  • Sir Richard Owen. Photogravure after H. J. Thaddeus, 1891.
  • Sir William Ramsay. Coloured photogravure by Sir L. Ward [Spy], 1908.
  • Telephus (son of Hercules) being suckled by a doe in the temple of Athena where as an infant he was left to die. Colour photogravure after a mural at Herculaneum.
  • Laparotomy operation at the Broca hospital, Paris. Heliogravure by J. Heuse, 1901.
  • The death of Orpheus: Orpheus is seen defending himself on one knee against the Thracian women, who assault him with clubs, while a child escapes to the left. Heliogravure after an engraving.
  • Saint Mary (the Blessed Virgin) as Virgin of the Seven Sorrows. Colour photogravure.
  • Saint Mary (the Blessed Virgin). Colour photogravure.
  • The serpent entwines itself around the body of Eve; it whispers in her ear, enticing her to eat the forbidden fruit. Photogravure by Lemercier and co. after Walter Crane, 1899.
  • Jan Cornelisz. Sylvius. Heliogravure by C. Amand-Durand after Rembrandt van Rijn, 1646.
  • A young woman sitting at the bed of a dying woman. Reproduction of an etching.
  • Yves Delage in his laboratory at Roscoff, ca. 1911. Photogravure after Mathurin Méheut.
  • John Keats. Photogravure after J. Severn.
  • Louis Pasteur. Photogravure, 1896, after R. Lehmann, 1884.
  • Sir William Jenner. Photogravure after F. Holl, 1888.
  • Saint Roch. Colour photogravure, 1898.
  • Charlotte Corday hiding behind a curtain, Marat dead in his bath. Photogravure after Jules Aviat, ca. 1890.
  • François Pourfour du Petit [Petit]. Photogravure by I. Schutzenberger after J. Restout, 1737.
  • Friedrich Heinrich Alexander von Humboldt. Photogravure after F. G. Weitsch, 1806.
  • Rudolf Ludwig Karl Virchow. Photogravure by Meisenbach Riffarth & Co. after G. L. Meyn.
  • Saint Camillus de Lellis. Colour photogravure, 1898.
  • Edward Jenner. Photogravure after J. Northcote, 1803.
  • The sisterhood of Saint Anne de Fouesnant arriving at Concarneau. Photogravure after A. Guillou, 1887.
  • Bransby Blake Cooper. Photogravure of the mezzotint by W. H. Simmons after E. U. Eddis, 1842.
  • A man putting a barrel on his shoulder. Photogravure after Eadweard Muybridge, 1887.
  • Friedrich Heinrich Alexander von Humboldt. Photogravure after F. G. Weitsch, 1806.
  • A man plays the organ as his wife uses the bellows to provide the necessary air. Heliogravure by C. Amand Durand after I. van Meckenem.
  • Michelangelo drawing from an anatomized cadaver. Photogravure after M. J. A. Mercié.
  • George Washington's last birthday: Washington is shown preparing to escort Nelly Custis at her wedding on February 22 1799, as she descends a staircase at Mount Vernon, in her wedding gown. Photogravure after a painting by H. A. Ogden, 1899.
  • Jean Paul Marat: portrait and facsimile of autograph letter. Photogravure after Delaine.